Behringer MonoPoly

Make it to at least 2:30 in that video, the sound is pretty wonderful, obviously can be replicated by other synths to a certain degree but this sounds really beautiful… Would take this over the Poly D any day… I’d much rather have a full-size one from Korg themselves though!!!

If the Poly D is anything to go by that’s around 800 bucks at the moment on Thomann (739 euros for my country) :sweat_smile:

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Oh, they are that expensive… so my 449€ hopes are not quite realistic I guess

I mean it’s complete speculation on my part. Just thought it’s a similar 4 voice paraphonic thingy from Behringer :woman_shrugging:

$700 USD at every retailer I checked at the moment, just FYI.

So yeah Pete probably a little low hoping for around $500 USD but $700 isn’t too wild if this ends up being close to that. I’m guessing more like 550-600 though, no built-in sequencer etc.


Ah yeah, I just did a google conversion. I forgot American prices are usually a little bit cheaper. Gutted I didn’t have enough spare cash to get a cheap Minitaur when I saw one over in Texas.

Has a release date been mentioned for the MonoPoly?

lol, literally just sold my Mono/Poly last night.

kind of a weird one to me. I don’t think the originals are all that expensive. $1500-$2k and this is going to be like half that.

did they implement all the Tubbutec mods? that would be something. and are you allowed to sequence the four OSC’s in circular mode via midi? can’t do that with the original (the biggest limitation), it’s unison mode only via cv/gate.


Great Scott!

wonder how long til they get sued for that name…

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Cool, love the MonoPoly, but feel like the Analog Keys is basically it’s cooler, spiritual successor.


of course it is

all that recent territory can be achieved with two Neutrons and a Crave…:face_with_monocle:

Now that I think about it, “monopoly” is probably too generic a name to get trademarked.

Actualy Behringer owns the trademark on that.

They have for a while. See here.

Good to look at the other names they grabbed – you ready for the Polivoks?

But if they used this image they’d be sunk,

Behringer Monopoly

with no “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

someone asked something similar and Behringer said you can cycle the OSCs with the arp. No idea if that’s what you mean.

oh man. the recent controversy was the nail in the coffin for me with Behringer but this one is going to be hard to resist.

hah, they left out the forward slash

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Politics aside…this looks well done!

Looks and sounds like a cheap knockoff.
Then again, YouTube just makes some synths sound cheap anyway.

you could cycle the OSC’s on the original too (that was one of the coolest things it could do, in fact) but you couldn’t actually sequence it externally and do that. when you fed it cv/gate, it was always in unison mode (all four OSC’s at once). or you could do the arp mode (cycling OSC’s) and feed it a clock, but you had to then trigger the notes for the arp manually. the Tubbutec mod upgrades all of this so you can just send arp notes over midi and it will run thru these with the arp or in round-robin fashion. likewise, Tubbutec mod effectively enables it to be a “poly” synth via midi, which you also can’t sequence on the original (though you can play on the keys).

in short: the original did some stuff via the keys that wasn’t possible via the cv/gate standard of the time. Tubbutec mod gives it midi and allows everything you can do directly with the synth via midi. I would hope that Behringer would know this shortcoming and make up for it (though I have my doubts).

***and to be clear. I will never buy a Behringer product. I said this 20 years ago, I still mean it now. but I still have opinions about what they’re doing and how they’re doing it. if you’re to go through the trouble of cloning something, hopefully you at least do it well.