Behringer Crave


One, but it’s a good one. And easy to expand if necessary :slightly_smiling_face:

Neutron + Crave totals about 450€ in Europe and is a pretty epic combination of features for the price. TE system 400 costs 100€ more and does quite a bit less.


Craving the Rave Cave! Getting one of these.


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Am I the only one hearing a supershort and unpleasant transient on the attack in these (terrible) demos?


I think that the bit you thought was unpleasant was the bit I liked the most about it.


No accounting for taste I suppose…

I agree though, the demos are truly terrible.


No flimsy mini-jack MIDI. Novation and Arturia, you paying attention here?

EDIT: and Elektron !!!


And Here come the GASOLICS. Oh its so cheap, for that price a no-brainer!
Erm…folks…do you really need that? 150 is also Money and i can Feed my Family with that Money for at least a week…and so forth. Is that Sound and the Tool so outstanding that you dont have anything Else in your toolset to replace it?
I mean…what is the usp Here? I See only the price Tag. The Rest is simple Vanilla substraktive Synthesis sound.


Pretty decent sequencer with a vintage classical sound plus patchbay


And if you need a bit of that sound its a bargain. People buying stuff they dont need seems pretty common place to me and not just in the budget range.


I think back to the mid to late 90s when I was a teen spending big bucks on 909’s 101’s 303’s etc lol
Many of us probably have that space filled, but man if I was coming up nowadays!


For anyone with Euro or other semi-modulars it’s offering a lot more than just the sum of its parts once it’s combined with their other gear. At least 4 aspects of this that I was already thinking about grabbing in individual modules/sequencers/mid>cv converters etc. This is nice tidy little solution for at least a couple hundred £ less than I was previously calculating, saves me rack space and has a bunch of nice little bonuses and sounds and looks great.

Yeah there’s nothing very ‘new’ here but still a great little box of useful functionality with a good sound…

USP is mainly the price I guess, but that’s possibly the best kind of USP these days considering almost every function etc imaginable already exists in other hardware :wink:

Edit - that’s probably underselling it tbh. It has its own flavour of sequencer functionality and quite a unique osc + filter type combo…Those things alone are pretty valid USP imo? But yeah, the price…crazy.


It’s pretty simple: he who dies with most synths wins.


^ Spoiler alert: Richard Devine always wins :joy:


Interesting you mentioned this, I think the Monotribe sounds better though but I’m probably biased and of course this is subjective, for me the Monotribe is great because its very limited architecture and great character (notably the ‘bad’ waveshapes and imperfect but brutal/wild filter) coupled with the unique sequencer (though some say crap!) and of course the portability and hackability.

The Crave has coolaudio 3340 based VCO which is in itself less interesting to me, moog style filter which for me isn’t too interesting and the semi-modular aspect which by its very nature broadens the range of sounds - so on paper it kills the Monotribe.

It will be interesting to see how it fares after it has been out a while, I suspect that Behringers greatest competition will be their own users, a lot of these quite limited clones seem to be sold on shortly after the honeymoon phase, given the scale of production I think there will be tons of them on the used market, model D regularly go for £200 on ebay, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see these used for £80-100 after 6 months, that’s crazy!


Spend the leftover cash on something to spice it up further. It’s semi modular so the whole idea is it can be taken further and with leftover cash you can do that. I actually don’t have anything like this right now, but now I’m considering it for that reason. Seems obvious enough to me that money is a factor for most people in deciding to purchase anything.


If Behringer can somehow get past the low build quality reputation, they shall become zillionaires sooner or later and send everyone else into bankruptcy… or every other “premier” synth brand will just lower their prices tremendously.

Still, I wonder which way the scale tips: is a Behringer cheap because it’s a piece of junk that will break down? Or is a Moog the exact same thing and a complete rip off?


Where have you been for the last two years? All Behringer synths are solid and no worse than Moog, DSI etc in terms of build quality.


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Sorry about the tone, it’s just funny that you bring up the build quality issue, when it has been discussed a lot during the last couple of years when Behringer started making synths. If you haven’t been following the discussion, I can say the consensus is that Deepmind series, as well as Model D and Neutron are all well built synths.


I have no reason to believe that Behringer gear is junk that will break down necessarily, that wouldn’t be a good business strategy, but they have huge resources compared to most other companies and make a lot of the components in house so the cost is much lower, a lot of the manufacturing cost is also much much lower than most synth manufacturers for these and other reasons which I won’t go into, and when simply redesigning the work of others a huge amount of R&D time is saved.

Moog is employee owned, I don’t consider their products to be a rip-off because I trust them to bring the best product that they can to market at the best price that they can, because all the employees want to ensure that the company does well. They don’t however have the resources that Behringer does as they are a much smaller company, so components in moog products will be subject to suppliers, capacitors and certain other components can increase wildy in price due to demand and raw materials, an issue that for the most part Behringer would be immune to. Also moog make original products which often have to be designed from the ground up, so a certain amount of time and money would be research and development, with less staff and a smaller operation, less purchasing power and fewer units sold they probably have quite tight profit margins.

So that is a very simple summary of the differences, but there are obviously plenty more to take into consideration.