Behringer Crave


I think there is a reason no one has jumped all over this. People here are delighted and interested. But I feel everyone is still hesitant even at that price point, maybe partially because of the price point. I for one feel it might be too good to be true.


That doesn’t seem accurate to me. Depends on the product (and current landscape) not the manufacturer. Model D’s aren’t going super cheap 2nd hand. And there’s plenty of Moog stuff that sells 2nd hand at the same kind of loss as any other company typically does…


A £200 ebay price for an item that can be bought new for £259 (including postage) is about a 20% drop, which is pretty normal for electronic musical instruments.

Mother 32s, which are £497 new, go on ebay for £400.


Well the model D launched at £299, now you can buy new for £240 or used for £200.

One thing to bear in mind with all these clones is that they are often quite limited as they are almost direct clones of machines made decades ago, a lot of people buy them with certain possibly romanticised expectations, only to find that modern gear has come a long way, and certain things taken for granted such as CC control, dsp fx, and more capabilities in general, are not present on the clones - a double edged sword for anyone making clones, because adding too much can affect the sound and it won’t be viewed as a direct clone, therefore somewhat pointless, but making an accurate clone whilst might have an initial wow factor for the low price, it will never have the prestige or value of its vintage counterpart.

I think that this whole excitement over these cheap clones is a fad, and I really don’t believe that they will be the success that Behringer hopes for, it may be annoying for some in the synth community that Roland didn’t re-issue 1:1 clones of the x0x machines but I think that they are aware that a sufficient demand isn’t really there, and that is why they didn’t do it. I bet they are watching to see how it unfolds for Behringer though.

I might well be wrong about all of this though.


Waiting for the Boog One


As far as I can see the Behringer clones are no more limited than any of the other “semi-modular” out there.


This topic is descending into the now familiar and increasingly tedious chaos all other behringer threads inevitably become, people with no interest in Behringer products could use their resources more productively one would imagine

Will somebody create a Behringer issues thread and we’ll just keep all that discussion focussed over there, then folk can concentrate on discussing the individual products

Seems like a plan ?! - otherwise every Behringer thread becomes a Moderator’s nightmare


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Yea, it is a bit.

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Behringer has, until recently, exclusively been a clone company. Not a music company.

They sort of are new kids on the synthesis block with regards to making ‘original’ music instruments. Analog is at a mature and very late stage with its secondary (3rd wave if we count modular?) ‘wave’ of popularity. They also know, from their years of cloning analog, that cheap sells at this stage of market saturation.

Since they have the $$ and the technical means for producing slightly different, yet at-the-core rehash(es) of old ideas, yeah, they sort of are going to do what Nike and New Balance did to skateboarding.

Nike and NB entered into the skateboarding franchise after they did enough market research to figure out what they could produce to be competitive and systematically starve and eleminate their competitors. Entering into footwear for skateboarding could and would have always been profitable at any stage in skateboarding history. What they did was more nefarious. Not to get too deep into a conversation about footwear, just look at the Nike Blazer Low to understand. It is a literal clone of another manufacturer’s design, with a slapped on swoosh.

Nike learned from folks that had to go through serious growing pains to understand what would be comfortable and optimal for skateboarding — OSIRIS D3s or ES Koston 2,3,5s anyone?

Nike and NB manufacture shoes for other sports. Athletic ware being the larger picture for them both.

SMD and bulk production/manufacturing for a large swath of audio equipment is the analogous ‘larger picture’ for a entity like Behringer.

Also – saying that VANS made it out alright is like saying that MOOG will end up being fine after it all.


Do you buy stuff for the prestige ? do you buy stuff thinking that its value will go up? Behringer already making tons of money on the clones. Model D is the best selling synth recently. Why would they care about what prices are in the second hand market? Clones have “limited” options but sounds is there and this is important. The price is right so everybody understands where the limits come from. They are mass producing and mass selling. Roland didn’t do it because they don’t want to produce that kind of chips anymore and their strategy is going digital. XOX clones will be successful IMO. Plenty of people still love that classic sounds and want them in analog machine for cheap, wanted for years… it’ll be a little revolution I reckon

The Behringer Issues thread

yuuuuh it has cv for tempo :smiley:


Of course, but that is the only USP Here. For around 150 more you could get that Arturia Microfreak. For a hundred more the Microbrute or Monologue and so on. What i am mean is…you get what you pay for. Wer billig kauft, kauft zweimal. Who buys cheap will buy twice. So why not save a little and get something much better?


You’re wildly oversimplifying to my eyes. I wonder if you feel the same way about korgs at the same price… many do much less and have lesser build quality and ui quality. Theyre still great… this is a good deal and so far - sounds and looks like a great synth with a crappy name. If youre literally calling a product shitty because it isnt expensive - try sports cars.


hello where did you find the specs of the sequencer???
can’t wait…
by the way i had an acid 8, i always regret to have sell it for his fun and immediacy and sequencer… i also had a b stock xenyx 1002B battery that i stupidly sold too for 50… to me it was a special design i bought new after research and the builds quality seemed very good to me and an original design…
i want his now…

did someone already read or see Autofac lol???


looks and sounds really good. what a price. crazy


I dunno the premium moog and dsi stuff feel leagues better to use… I have no doubt the behringer stuff is solid in they way that it doesn’t just fall apart but going from a keybed in a dsi to a deepmind is a difference between something extremely pleasurable just to touch and something that is usable. All the behringer stuff seems this way… which is good enough but I dunno there is something nice about playing quality instruments that is so inviting.


So umm, this is a bit like the behringer neutron, but at half price?

Not into these tbh. I’ve realized that I have become to “spoiled” by modern recallability as far as synth sounds are concerned. No patch mem, no deal. I can live with an 808 or 909 clone without “knob memory” but thats just cuz the tweakability is quite low and pattns can be loaded & saved…

Nothing to do with behringer though, its just me. Maybe I’ll even sell my KARP Ody one day, all the beautiful sounds I manage to make with it always disappear in the morning…