Behringer Crave


I’m pretty sure they make every single component on the thing and don’t need to pay what others would for the same parts. Screws, chips, knobs, switches, buttons the whole thing is a kit of parts from a massive Behringer catalog.

For instance, a similar part that costs Make N0ise 3 cents probably costs them 1/2 a cent.


Sure. But we are talking not only about components. Development + Marketing + Logistics…is something to add on the price tag.


judging by the guy who did the video, they are cutting costs with marketing also. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LMAO :smile:


Anyhow I am looking forward on the countless vs mother32 tube videos…


I’d expect they make more profit than some people would assume - look at other consumer electronics - there are products with more parts and substance that will ship cheaper - for some reason there’s a normalisation of expected prices that reflects boutique manufacturing

This Crave is a fairly stripped down synth voice with a sequencer borrowed from their other boxes - they’ll benefit from the economies of scale of the anticipated sales figures

It’s absolutely a product for the masses - most users here will have something like this in their studio already, but it’s still appealing, not just because of the cost - I’m sure they make on it though


I am really curious what there projection of sales is…but I agree, this is going for mass.


They’ve obviously built a lot of components they can reuse, oscillators, filters, sequencers, midi interfaces etc. They can use them across different products which helps them realise scale. It’s not that different from the various Elektron lines having the same form factors eg. look at the back of the A4/AR mkII or the DN/DT, $100 says the Model:x’s will be the same. I think elektron uses cool audio chips (ie behringer ones) as well.


yoh, that arturia vid is in another league tho. that vid wasn’t half bad?


Not to mention, it wil act as advertisement/data/market research for their modular range(which is why both this and the neutron are both semi-modular). If people buy this then chances are they will continue to spend money on an unending modular collection from them.

Also, them not providing in depth details on this things release, also helps to generate independent marketing.

Also, this thing is poly-chainable up to 16 voices. So there’s opportunity for repeat purchasing.

Not to mention, the R&D on stuff like this is low because they’re using their clone battles to eat a bunch of the development costs.

Behringer are definitely playing a long game with stuff like this. If their data doesn’t balance out, then just bump the price up $50 dollars- this thing will still sell pretty well


actually, I was refering to another vid. I agree…


Check it out
Finger raise :rofl:


really nice to see how clever marketing attracts lawyers and dentists to pay a lot of money to achieve some lifestyle Motorcycle.
Or at least that what they consider to be lifestyle…

We have been taught a longtime that cheap is not worth anything, just to keep companies like apple and HD and Moog and Roland alive who are selling stuff that has a positive image but is not better than stuff that costs less…

Creativity is not hooked to apple or moog or anything like that. You won’t be more creative with an expensive device.

Behringer is not better or worse than any other company but delivers devices that cost me less time to work for them. Which makes them pretty attractive to me. If I would need them.
I don’t.


It’s octave selector indicator for the “keyboard”?


Ah that makes sense :slight_smile: I’m lazy and generally tune Euro by ear cos I can’t be bothered to use my tuner pedal across the room…Was optimistically thinking this box might have a tuner & tick yet another current box off for me :wink:


B can have my money so can elektron I am under no circumstances going the Japanese route.


How many oscillators does this one have then?


The Neutron uses some Leds to facilitate in-box tuning - given it’s the same VCO chip it may well indeed be possible/implemented to utilise those Leds for that purpose

I’ll say this - there seems to be good interface exploitation coming from the UK arm of Behringer (connected with Midas perhaps) - the Neutron also got a hefty update with lots of user requests, thankfully the Crave looks like it won’t need too many, it’s very much a sweet-spot wysiwyg architecture

For me this looks appealing in the way the Monotribe delivers - great voice with limited chance to destroy its inherent musicality tied to a handy sequencer - then throw in the patching options and cool looks - seems like a terrific box


Exactly what I thought! It is the new standard i guess, and in many ways the entire skate industry is better off for it… but with less security, should skateboarding/hardware synthesisers become less popular (they might decide to suddenly close off that division of business should it cease to be popular) . As big company money enters the market, they will probably use it to fund small mom and pop ventures for the price of sponsorship and positive association (e.g. Converse x Polar = Behringer x Zvex)
It might mean musicians make a lot more money, that this style of music becomes much more popular, that the independents have more money for innovative ideas they couldn’t fund alone.
Some may long for the quality of credibility that feels lost in the ‘new way’ - but this won’t matter to the kids making a racket in their room/the street.

…I might have got a bit lost in the allegory there but you see my point.


This seems very similar in spec to my Mother32.
I suspect the big B will do a 199USD DFAP next…

Glad I have my M32 (and DFAM) but if I am honest if this has been out I may have bought it instead…need to hear more sound demos