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WHAAAA 149 is so cheap


This sounds and looks incredible. What’s the catch here… $199? It must have some styrofoam parts or something lol

I’m way way more interested in this than the clones


Insane price. Not sure I’m in the market for this but jeezus…

Where are Behringer and Arturia finding these dudes for their vids?


It looks nice.


good stuff. Better than buying software plugins


Questionable demo for sure. That was some ugly live tweaking


That’s my favorite sound I’ve heard from Behringer yet!

I’m probably going to buy this at some point


I’m thinking their clones must be a two bird one stone kinda deal. They make money figuring out how to replicate sounds and then they use the things they’ve learned to put into their original equipment


Wondering if we’ll see Behringer step deeper in to the sampling/digital/sequencing side of things any time soon… If they start adding some of the more modern features to these kinds of boxes, and their bigger synths and eventually to their Euro modules, god help the rest of the industry…they’d probably knock out their take on an Analog Four at like £500…


yea this one makes me nervous for the future of other companies. if its a sign of things to come. :confused:


Before 2022 we will meet The Bone, 16 voice monster.


Other companies have plenty of chances to appeal to potential customers, yet don’t. Behringer is the only one listening to what people actually want.


Ha Ha! Brilliant!

Go. Go. Go.

150 quid? wow!


True. Not in all cases but a few spring to mind.


Roland for example, charging much more for digital clones of their ancient gear.


wooow very very interesting … prophet 5 vco and a moog filter in a semi-modular format for 200$ … just wow


This is interesting.

The price is pretty shocking–cheaper than some big vsts, and not far off the volcas

Real Estate wise it’s something that most people can fit in.

I’m a monkeys uncle if this does t sell by the bucket load


Unreal! I suspect a lot of people will be mounting 2-3 of these in a case together at that price.

EDIT: I was thinking of something else on the PCB layout.


Yep. Can get two of these and an sq1 for cheaper than the new TE 400. Which was already pretty cheap…