Behringer Crave


I like the sound.


Instant buy for me, looks and sounds great


Yeah I read that wrong. I read it would push innovative companies to make less innovative shit for cheap or fade away…


Yip…2 cool things from namm now…
This is cool and looks slick compared to the neutron crazy asthetics…im impressed…


They’re really setting themselves up for a crazy successful and cool modular run.

Before I thought they were just going to be utilitarian, bare bones modules for poor people, but this thing makes me believe that getting some Behringer modules might be an ideal rather than a compromise.


They really need to work on their PR/marketing though … I mean a product announcement should be a bit more than dropping a video on YouTube/Facebook, it would have been nice to have some detailed specs and availability etc.


It’s cool how the synthesizer tree just drops these out for behringer so they can sell them so cheap without ruthless exploitation of the working class!


Unfortunately you’re about to get bashed. This discussion happened here before and a lot of people on the forum (and everywhere else) don’t care about what doesn’t directly affect them w regard to getting cheap stuff.


It has been announced yesterday and you guys already are saying “no enough precisions”… Seriously ? When it’s about The new Elektron people just are hypnotised by the teasing and instagram stuff

issou :rofl::joy:

I really like their position on the market and I think that to practice those prices they have to be a bit less on a marketing state…
Communication has been pronounced about price and capacities of this synth…

I wonder how you can complain about this company who really heard customers and who is shocking the hardware business :slight_smile:


I do (care), and I believe it’s healthy to point this out with really cheap gear like Behringer and others make. There’s always a price to pay IMHO by someone when it gets this cheap.


They certainly know how to get cheap marketing with all their clones. Also, waiting till the last day of NAMM to avoid competing with other breakthrough announcements


Do you see any webpage of this synth? Do you know when it’s going to be available? Do you know what the patch bay actually patches? Do you know how the sequencer works? Or even what exactly is in it apart from a filter and an oscillator??


Maybe our ability to teardown any creative endeavor scares them…aka the new elektron release and Arturia release…



Elektron should get down with B and TE. These are the reason for credit cards!!!


conflict synths


Behringer for the people. I dont understand how some people can hate what Behringer are doing.


people are people why disagree !!!


yeah no reason to hate Behringer at all. Think of their clones as replicas of art. I can’t afford a Van Gogh, but I can buy a poster you know? Not many people can buy a real Oberheim, and then spend endless money servicing it. So you buy this replica.

But that applies to the clones. The crave? Hmm…

I ask you all a question: is the crave a clone or a knock off? Is there a difference in the ethics to cloning an old synth and a current one? (Mother 32)


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You’re right it is not a direct clone. But to say it has no connection to the mother 32 is equally ridiculous. And I’m not a sjw for asking something simple.

Will elektron, Moog, Dave Smith, Korg etc all release synths and then get Behringer craved for 150 every time? Is that fair practice? Or is it the fault of Moog etc for overpricing?

Should a mother 32 be 600? Why is a crave 150 in comparison? Quality? Name brand?