Behringer Crave


I definitely appreciate that this is more of their own design similar to the Neutron and ultra-definitely appreciate that they’ve avoided the Neutron design ethos which seemed to channel a male teenage circa 1998. Does sound good and the price is mental… but I suspect that even then it’s not for me.

I did find the marketing spiel in the videos a little off-putting though… the one where the guy with the pony-tail making a song and dance about being able to transpose via MIDI was cringe-tacular.


His ‘performance’ at the end was like a shreds video


Even having a multiple in patchbay! This is a great tiny synth!


One upshot of these ever-lower price points is that no one is really gonna be able to slide by on having a boatload of lux vintage analog sounds in their recordings anymore. Every kid in high school is gonna have the equivalent of a Minimoog, an Oberheim Xa, a CS-80, and a Model 15 hanging out in their bedroom, all bought with summer lawnmowing money. I think in some respects gear fetishization (or some forms of it, anyway) is gonna die down a whole lot.


It even seems to have High and Lowpass switchable? I wonder why they did not make 2 outputs for that. The Mixer being a crossfader is cool. I really hope the sequencer puts out his CV through the Keyboard out. Would make sense since you can controll the sequencer with CV.


Remember when Micro Freak was the thing? Seems like ages go.


Micro Freak is so last week, Crave is the new jam :joy:


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Yup, now we got Analog Hardware in a metal case for the price of a softsynth.


We’re getting to the point where people will ask. “Is software worth the premium over analog synths?”


It’s the same reason I can have “Chicago” or “New York” pizza in any city across the US that have nothing to with either. Many companies say “Moog filter”. I agree with you to large extent though, but I hate all marketing usually. Every company pushes it or lies to the extent they can get away with. They should have said Moog and Curtis “style” at minimum.




I miss the days when synths were identified by a number and letter.

So much more classy… and less ‘craven’


So much gear nowadays. It’s a minefield.




This sort of pricing is going to put serious pressure on established companies to actually innovate … or fade away


It’s already happening to Elektron…


Except backwards


Along with some of my current and soon to be purchased gear, it’s starting to look like I’ll have a good bit of behringer mixed in there with them. Never thought I’d say.


FFS, another synth I’ll probably buy.