Behringer Crave


Behringer is {insert F profanity here}ing laughing all the way to the bank! Sorry to say, but I think Moog is {insert S profanity here}ing their pants this morning.

I can see Moog’s RnD this morning: “Why did we have to make our stuff so expensive?”

Roland, Yamaha, you are next! (oh, sorry, too late!)

Love the sound of this box!


Ill stop and ask my wallet what it thinks about it.


:face_with_monocle: Don’t think I need to make any further comments…


No you need an anolouge mono synth


Nothing could be further from the truth.



These are good questions.

I don’t know anything about motorcycles, but based off of what my 8th grade science teacher (Mr. Ingalls–who also played rock n roll music on the guitar for our half days) told me, Harley Davidson is the same way. Cheaper motorcycles have the same components, ride the same, feel the same, etc–but they’re not “Harleys”, man.

So no. A Behringer will never be a Moog. I’m sure Moog can keep charging that price for the Mother 32 no problem. I mean the Deepmind 6 exists but JU-06 boutiques go for $550 on ebay (literally $250 more than what they retailed for) and actual honest-to-god Junos go for upwards of $2000. It’s pretty crazy.


Overpriced rubbish? Nah lol

Leave B do what he does best!!!


Is that usb on the rear? Wonder if this’ll double as a usb > cv converter? Or if a cheap usb>Midi cable would do same job through this? Been close to picking up an Sq-1 partly for that purpose, to get iOS sequencers involved in my rack. Also in market for an analogue osc and another filter… Maybe this could kill a bunch of birds with one stone and save me some HP…for the price of a pebble.


Sounds good, looks good. At this price point? Behringer won the NAMM to me.


Slowly setting up my new music room, I would want it to go a lot faster but I have very little time. have to be at work often and loving family caring stuff at home.

Because I am progressing very slowly with my new music room I have the time to identify my needs and wants in regard to sound sculpting / music making + it’s function(s) for me and the pitfalls. Creativity, self expression, flow activities, time consumption/distraction,… it all pops up in my head in combination with gear combinations and sounds and the idea how privileged I am right now and the fact that it was not always like this, I have come a long way in that regard.

There are toys for many Western wallets, we live in great times in that regard. These many toys times also get us in problems. Is it sustainable? Too many choices? Doubt? Gear CRAVE and problematic GAS? Are premium prices for boutique stuff worth it?

It makes me sit back now, I see the pattern of wanting more coming back, then it goes away again.

In the end I just want to get some emotions in and out. I don’t care about style or conventions, dance floors and opinions about that.

That’s what it is meant to do for me.

Reading this topic made me write this. I hope that made it relevant enough. :totes:


Economies of scale plus the fact they probably don’t need a huge margin on these if any at all.


Behringer is about to do to synthesizers / electronic music producing at large, what NIKE and New Balance did to skateboarding.


Behringer has always been a budget gear music company. Big difference there… Nike didn’t give a fuq about skateboarding until it saw $$ in it.

And I remember paying crazy prices for vision, airwalk shoes etc. Just to destroy them skating. It wasn’t ideal… and look at Vans. They did pretty great in the end from skating going mainstream. Swings and roundabouts.


And what a scale.


You’re paying for a lot of badge on a Moog. A Behringer doesn’t hence the price…


Dunno if posted already. Sequencer info. Decent. Price on this is nuts…


What’s the little LED strip? Looks kinda like a tuner?


That’s kind of frightening! This costs as little as a mid-range soft plugin.


That is definitely a factor but with Moog, you are buying tank like build qualities compared to Behringer.

I’m not choosing sides here. I briefly owned a Deepmind !2. It was pretty solid though the knobs/faders did feel a little cheap. I then briefly owned a Voyager RME and can safely say that build quality on the Moog quite easily surpassed any other synth I’ve owned.

The Voyager is perhaps not a great example considering Moog had to bring in an extended warranty for a run of faulty analogue boards (of which mine was one) but they did fix it free of charge. Not really sure Behringer would offer that on a c10 year old machine!

Anyway, Crave will find its market and I’m sure will sell massively. I’m curious, an it polychain effectively? ie. hook 5 up and control all from one panel?


At that price I think they will not make any profit with it, I guess. It is clearly marketed at putting the competition under pressure…