Behringer BCR32

“Yeah” or “Beh”?
Personally, I think I will buy this eventually, although I still have a BCR2000.


This is much better, I love a big knobby interface like this. CV outs, foot switch, the whole works

Awesome. I wonder if the encoders are touch sensitive. That is kind of a must for the screen.

do you think they bought the license of zaquencer, or just copied it? :innocent:


I still have the older bcr2000, but I like this one a lot more. I like the look and the form factor seems better too

I’m not a big B fan (but we don’t want to go there now, do we :)) and a very happy Electra One user, but still, I’m following the development of this one.


Finally. How Behringer did not see for such a long time that their BCR2000 and BCF2000 where their kind of “classic” is beyond my understanding.

BCR2000 was my first MIDI controller back in 2005 which served me for almost 10 years. Played a lot live sets with just that and laptop loaded with Ableton Live or Reason.

I’m very curious if they’re actually working with the Zaquencer author or not. Also, they tease a lot of stuff; I’ll believe it when it ships. Hopefully someone else will clone it in the meantime.

I like it too, the BCR2000 was also my first midi controller and served me very well for a long time! it took a lot of beating on live gigs, and never gave any problems. eventually I found it too big between other hardware. the form factor of this one seems much better

This would be a first, wouldn’t it?


Finally something more original from Behringer…the BCR2000 was a monster of a midi controller, I’m glad Behringer finally came around to update one of their own designs…

I might even get this, let’s see.

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It’s worth mentioning that it isn’t a simple copy but an enhancement.

THIS is the right direction.


It says it is a collaboration.


Nice! The BCR is a very nice controller, only downside is it look and its size. This is much much better! If this one will have the encoders with led ring and some velocity sensitieve pads/buttons, its perfect!

I’m confident they will license the Zaquencer firmware. I would buy this, nice!

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Depending on the final spec (they’re saying it’s still in the development stage) I bet these will fly off the shelves. They were onto a winner with the BCR and BCF and they’re well aware of what sells. With a sequencer, CV/gate, support for CC and NRPN (and hopefully sysex for older gear) some other bells and whistles and keen pricing they’ll shift a bucket load

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This is def the way to go, but only 4cv/gate for me is a pitty, would expect at least to have a drum track with 8 trig outs? Loved the original but 4 tracks was always stopping me from using it as much

On Facebook Behringer explicitly said:
We’re very excited to announce that we’ve entered into a collaboration with Zaquencer to bring back the highly sought after BCR2000 - however this time with the famous Zaquencer built in.


I know. I’d trust a statement from the dev, though, and don’t really from them, given the history. The rendering looks nice, though, if it ships. Can’t imagine buying it, though.

I would love a little OLED display above every (!) knob, maybe even with color. Would very much remove the guessing part. Otherwise I’m very happy with this layout (as I am currently with my old BCR2000). Hope they keep the same SysEx interface, as all my custom code (NodeJS) code very much depend on it.

Bravo to see Behringer bringing this one ‘back’.