Battery options for Model:Samples

I’ve been really enjoying getting to know the M:S and would love to play untethered :slight_smile:

I know the battery handle thing is in the pipeline, but I saw a brief clip of Cuckoo using a battery pack to power his M:S and that’s got me impatient.

Does anyone know if there are any extra requirements I’d need other than ‘get battery pack that does 5v and find a plug that fits’?

That said, if I get a battery pack I’ll probably not get the handle, but I’m a sucker for official merch, so it’s be nice to go the official route if it’s not going to be too long a wait. Those who have more experience with Elektron stuff, does ‘coming soon’ mean ‘soon’ or ‘maybe in a year or so’?

Soon or otherwise, it won’t be cheap that’s for sure.
Although it will be designed as a handle and angle stand too so keep that in mind.

I know Elektron have a premium, but I’m really hoping for less that $30, since it isn’t an actual battery. I am prepared to be disappointed…:disappointed_relieved:

You should worry more about what using a battery pack might do to the warranty on your brand new machine.

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It says right on the back like 4v - 10v input for the battery pack.

I don’t see how it’d void the warranty if you use the right voltage and polarity.


That’s why I said “might.” Having not sat down and read the warranty I don’t know for sure. I’d be shocked if there wasn’t something about using 3rd party/non-Elektron adaptors and/or power sources/batteries.

But I’m also a very cautious person.

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$30 would be nice but I bet it would be 4 x that.

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Yeah, since their 5-pin MIDI adapters are $30… :fearful:

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It wouldn’t void warranty – unless you break it! :wink:

Remember how fussy other Elektron boxes have been, you couldn’t use a power supply from another Elektron product.

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Are you asking this in fun? It’s a race – Battery Pack or OverBridge 2 – which comes first?

(BTW, i’m having fun with this myself, i’m a software developer, and so it goes without saying i know what can happen with a project regarding schedule.)

Asking in earnest! This is my first Elektron product. I’ve been aware and ogling their products for a few months and the M:S made me jump in.

I know a bit about Overbridge but don’t know enough about the company and other product releases to know what to expect in this matter.

The portability is a key factor for me, and a marketing point for the product, so I’d hope they’d offer the battery thing soon to stop people from buying one of a gazillion other battery packs that are available, but the fact that we’ve not even seen a photo of a prototype makes me worried…

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I wouldn’t worry a lot – Elektron in general is pretty good – i’ve been with them several years, enough so that i’ve forgotten how many. Overbridge 2.0 is something of a perfect storm, and Elektron is less experienced with system level software development, especially with such a far ranging and complex product.

A guess only on my part, i’d think we’ll see something on the BP-1 in the spring. But also something as a general rule for any sort of products from any manufacturer – Never buy anything where you are “holding breathe” for some other promised part to arrive. That’s where Elektron ran into problems with OB2, a lot of people bought their synth, relying on Elektron’s statements, with the thought of using that synth tightly coupled with their computer, and then went through several, hopeful moments as another deadline went by, until Elektron now has wisely stopped setting a new date. Enjoy what you got right now.


Wise advice :pray:

That’s because they’re different voltages :stuck_out_tongue:

I still stand by my advice; if you’re careful with voltage, polarity and tip size, there shouldn’t be any problems.


Model:Samples has probably the easiest way to use with an external battery pack.

5VDC is a standard USB power. If you measure the diameter barrel of the PS that came with M:S get a USB to barrel cable and a good pack like RavPower.
I got one @16000mah/59.2Wh that runs for days with low consumption gear.

Make sure that the polarity on the cable matches M:S


I had one of these usb to barrel leads and my battery pack powering Novation Circuit. I had to use the usb socket on the battery labelled ‘iPad’ as it supplies 2amps whereas the other two supply 1amp. Everything was fine and it lasted for ages - and Circuit is FULL of bright led pads and buttons!
I don’t see any issue using the same with Model:Samples
as long as the polarity is correct

EC Technology Portable Charger 22400mAh Power Bank Ultra High Capacity External Battery with Auto IC for iPhone iPad Samsung, Black & Red

This adapter lead is positive tip which according to the manual is correct.
ChenYang USB 2.0 A Type Male to 5.5 x 2.5mm DC 5V Power Plug Barrel Connector Charge Cable 80cm


You are right using a third party does void any warrenty. I spoke with a rep about it a few days ago.

I use this battery pack for mine. You can find the adapters pretty easy as well. Isn’t this the same kind in Cuckoos video?

I like the easy side for creation, transportable using an external battery! is it possible to know when the release date is it open for the battery of the model: sample ??? Of: leaks: some: ideas :slight_smile: