Battery options for Model:Samples

I’ve no idea when the official battery handle is coming out, but I’ve found using a USB battery pack (with USB to 3.5 × 1.35 mm barrel jack lead) so convenient that I’m using it pretty much all the time instead of the wall plug.


Where can I buy that barrel jack lead? I have the battery pack. Thank you!

I found it in my big box of junk, so I’ve no idea where I got it from. However you can get them on Amazon/eBay/etc.

For the main power point at the back, the barrel is 3.5 × 1.35mm, centre positive. For the (upcoming) battery handle one under the white tab on the left, it’s 5.5 x 2.1mm, centre positive.


I didn’t test how long will it work on my powerbank, but this cable is definitely working!

The cable:


This should fit the Model:Samples… the main DC port in the rear. I’ll find out on Tuesday if it fits and works… (Amazon USA)

Have you tried using it in the side plug? You’d need to remove the rubber seal thingy


Oops, I didn’t. haha. Completely forgot about that side port for the plug linked above. It works perfectly. The only thing that sucks is this adapter is right-angle and it doesn’t tightly fit, but it does work. Thanks (I feel like an idiot) :sunglasses:

Here’s the same thing, but straight (for any USA buyers curious):

Anyone heard any rumours on when the battery handle might get released? I know it was a question posted for the Q&A session held last month but I haven’t seen the video of it.

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Any update on how well this works ?

I bought some battery pack off on Amazon and a usb to 5v cable to power M:S. Works like a charm! Super portable. Also, it looks like the M:S really doesn’t need that much energy. I have used this power bank with it for hours on end and I am still at 87%.

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Can you link what products you bought?


Power Bank:




Wow that’s super cool! Did you make that yourself or is that a pre-made thing?

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So cheap


Awesome, thanks for linking!

edit: also I’m amazed that it can run off what 3 AA batteries provide (anywhere between 3.5 and 4.5v)

Just got a model:samples yesterday, and found a battery holder today for $6AU :slight_smile: (at Jaycar for those in Australia who want one). It’s got a switch on it and is fully enclosed.
This one takes 4xAA which I’m hoping means more battery life… will have to do some tests. The screen and LEDs automatically dim when using the battery as well, which is a nice touch!

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I bought this 3 pack of right angled DC 3.5mm x 1.35mm to USB cables.

They work in the rear DC inlet.

I love that I can power it off my MacBook Pro now with a USB-A to USB-C adapter, since I often have them hooked up together for recording over the micro USB port.


That’s a might fine looking skin you’ve got for your MS

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has anyone opened up one of these boxes to look if there is any space for batteries?

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