Bank change on Digitakt. How?


I have a bunch of DSI synths (OB6, P6, Rev2, AS-1) and when I change bank on the Digitakt, nothing happens on the synths.

Is there a trick to this?

I had to reboot the Digitakt to get it to send program change messages. I think. It wouldn’t send them, so I shut it down. A few hours later, I went back to it in a second attempt and voila! It magically started sending the message without me having to do anything. Very strange machine

Digitakt + Yamaha AN200

I think it’s among those Midi bugs that everyone hopes to see fixed in the next firmware update.


Really??? Wow. It’s a great little box, but I did buy it for the Midi sequencing. Hard to be productive and organized without bank change messages. Lol

Silly company


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We need to clarify your request. When you say that you “change bank on the Digitakt”, do you mean that you select a pattern in another pattern bank on the Digitakt or that you try to send a Bank Select message from a MIDI track on the Digitakt?


Doesn’t anyone research before they buy these days?


Most of my synths organize their patches in banks of 100 or 128.

There is sometimes an issue with MSB LSB but generally, these days, it seems to have been sorted. (Roland being the exception).

So, if I change bank on my MPC Live from 1,2,3,4 it changes the bank on my OB6 in the same way. Same goes for my RS7000: change bank. Bank changed.

On the Digitakt, I changed the bank and nothing happened.


Yes. I own five Elektron devices and generally it all works as described.

My Analog Keys easily controls my Rytm, and two Analog Four.

However, the Digitakt, with its MIDI was supposed to add midi sequencing.

Who woulda thunk that their Digitakt midi sequencer sampling drum machine woulda included the priceless feature of “no bank change”? Who woulda? I wouldn’ta.


So I go to source on the midi track A for example. I choose midi channel 9 for example. I choose patch 69 for example. I choose bank 3 for … wait a sec … I choose bank 3 for … hey wait a sec? … I choose bank 3 for … aw man! That awesome feature they included! The handy notebook detailing which bank for which pattern!! Yay!

This is why I asked. No other sequencer I own does this.


Thanks for your help


So how do I send a bank change to my Ob6? What if I want to work with a sound in bank 6? What if I want to store this SIGNIFICANT piece of information in the pattern?

Is there a trick to this? I’ve never used Elektron midi sequencing only their CV sequencing or whatever it is they use in their “analog series”.


I think we’re talking about two different things.

The OB6, P6, Rev2 and As-1 all want a bank change to access the next 100 patches. When I scroll the program number it stops at 99 on the DSI. They are looking for a bank change.

You’re saying just keep scrolling the program right up to 999?


You can’t with Elektron’s current implementation. Also a problem with the Octatrack, so it is a a design “feature” of the Elektron midi sequencer, unfortunately. The only workaround that I find reliable is to manually change the bank on the external synth, then choose program from DT, or organize all your patches into one bank on the external synth.


Right, so if you have all the other boxes you must also be aware that they each have their shortcomings (analog 4 doesn’t do full MIDI for example). Surely that would’ve made you check, to ensure that this midi box doesn’t have any of unexpected quirks.

I hear you, and yes it is something you’d expect a modern digital box to have, and yes it’s probably something that is frustrating, however you need to accept some responsibility here.


Responsibility for what? It’s a bank change. Totally bizarre feature.

I honestly thought it was an Elektron quirk like setting autochannel to off when using turbo mode.

It’s actually for real? You really can’t bank change an external synth in the Digitakt?


Thank you for the straight answer man.

Hmmm. That’s very strange.

They even have a “bank” field on the SRC page. Next to program change.


According to the MANUAL and those crazy words it can address 128 banks.

How? What’s the trick?

12.3.1 CHANChannel sets the MIDI channel the track will send MIDI data to. If this parameter is set to OFF, it basically turns the MIDI track of. Please note that this parameter cannot be parameter locked. (OFF, 1–16)

12.3.2 BANKBank is used for sending out a bank change message. Bank 1 to 128 can be sent. (OFF, 1–128)

12.3.3 PROGProgram change is used for sending out a program change message. Program 1 to 128 can be sent. (OFF, 0–128)


Responsibility for checking something you were shelling half a grand out on, having the features that you want/need.

It’s all well and good calling elektron ‘silly’ but if you didn’t even check to ensure it does what you need/want it to do, then you have to take responsibility for that.


Is there a trick to sending bank change messages? Does anyone know?


Nah ‘bro’, just sick of seeing posts by people that haven’t got the foresight to check something does as they want, and then whine about it on the Internet like the company in question are going to change everything because you’re upset.