Bank change on Digitakt. How?


Maybe this topic may be helpful


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Bank changes that the manual states it can send?

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Roger that. Good advice.

This is very upsetting.

I obviously love Elektron gear and respect the Elektron community enough to ask for help.


I’ve just been reading that thread posted right above; the discussion and troubleshooting there seem quite thorough. Looks like Elektron have it on their list of things they’re aware of, at least.


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If it’s any consolation, the DT is not able to change banks on any of my DSI synths, including my P6 which is a similar architecture to your OB6. Patch change works though.

DT is NOT a MIDI sequencer! Just a drum machine. Treat it as such and you will probably have more fun with it.


I have Digitakt, Ableton and some soft synths. Out of the bunch, there are few that work perfectly accepting bank and patch change.


Yes, it’s definitely a MIDI sequencer and a sampler. It’s not a “drum machine” in the way an R8 is a drum machine. The Digitakt has 8 MIDI tracks that can be sequenced = a MIDI sequencer.

It’s a great machine for sure. Sounds fantastic. Shockingly so.

Just needed to know how to bank change my external synths and I figured folks here might know. CC#32

I’m sure Elektron will fix the SRC page bank change bug soon.

Happy Yule!


Yes! That thread had a good work-around. Works for me.

I have an MPC Live, RS7000 and Digitakt for midi sequencing. I REALLY want the Digitakt to be the one because it speaks Elektron pattern changes. Man, what a dream to have the MIDI tracks lined up with all the Elektrons with one pattern change on the Digitakt.

Like I said before, I have a Rytm, Ak and two A4. So before I got the Digitakt, I was using the MPC live or RS7000 for MIDI sequencing my 4 DSI synths and S/S the Elektrons. The Digitakt is a much better overall master device because it can control EVERYTHING.

Thanks for your help bro


This works fine :point_right:t2::point_right:t2::point_right:t2:

In the SRC page, leave Bank empty (X). P-lock PROG for your Trigs with the respective Program number.

For the Bank switch, go to the AMP page and use BSEL LSB (32) for e.g. SEL1.
Go to the FLTR page and P-lock VAL1 with the Bank number (0=A, 1=B, etc.).

Someone who knows the machine figured it out and was helpful!

Thank you to Gearslutz, Jefones and Elektronauts.

Digitakt & Blofeld (multi mode) MIDI

I was able to change from Bank A to Bank B by sending program change = 16. Took me to B1 pattern. Sending program change = 15. Took me back to A16 pattern.
Bank A = 0 - 15 (Program change value)
Bank B = 16 - …


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