Digitakt + Yamaha AN200


Has anybody managed to successfully use the Digitakt together with a Yamaha AN200 for sending bank and program changes from the Digitakt?

I want to be able to control the following

User Bank (Bank MSB=63, LSB=2, Pgm#1-64)

Is this possible on the Digitakt

AN200 Midi implementation:
1.2.1 Bank Select This message selects the voice bank.

Control# Parameter Data Range
0 Bank Select MSB 0…127
32 Bank Select LSB 0…127
The Bank Select data will be processed only after a Program Change is received,
and then voice bank will change at that time.
If you wish to change the voice bank as well as the voice, you must transmit Bank Select and Program Change messages as a set,
in the following order: Bank Select MSB, LSB, and Program Change.


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