Bandcamp Fridays

Newest release!!! It’s pay what you want!!! Enjoy and Happy Friday


Some weirdo electro freakouts by yours truly.


Picked this interesting piece today

Hey there! :wink:
This is a new surreal release. Hope you like it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I continue the exploration and experimentation with model:cycles, dx and typhon. Distorted sounds, impossible ambients, dark atmospheres, repetitions, surreal patterns, humorous mixing and a lot of errors. From minimal to noise. Nothing is perfect. Live recordings at home. Just for fun. Machines play music.

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Bandcamp friday here again, I usually completely forget about it.
Here’s something I just put out,

And this thread for reviews…



Normally I’d take the piss out of this sort of showing off, but it really is very good, you all should be buying it.

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It’s free music but support is welcome! It’s all relatively happy and upbeat melodic stuff. Lots of Analog Rytm and a variety of hardware synths I’ve had over the last 2 years.

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I’m glad there’s a thread for this. I’m not good at promoting my own stuff, so this makes it easier!

My latest album, made with the Digitakt, Digitone, Analog Four and Analog Heat. I also have a high discount on all my albums bundled together, for anyone interested. Thanks for checking it out :slight_smile:


It does sound good , like mouse on mars and colugo at times…


For those of you who like beats, I just put out #2 of a short beat tape series I’ve been working on. Basically just a collection of this month’s good beats. If you like #2 I suggest you try out #1 as well.

Cheers! :pineapple:


This EP was made with my Analog Keys, Digitakt, Digitone, Analog Rytm, Cycles, Moog Grandmother, Mother 32 and Dreadbox Typhon. There was also some heavy lifting on the editing side with Ableton.

I hope you enjoy it. It is also available on all streaming services if that is your thing as well.

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My latest addition with Lyra in relatively subtle form.
Less rough and ready than my ‘Worlds’ collection, but still all improvised and captured live and direct.

Also, one last call for anyone interested in the latest Urban Exploration album, for which I have a handful of yummy download codes left (just drop me a message).

Here’s an extract from the blurb:
Terra Incognita sees the group pushing into uncharted musical territory. The same influences and techniques may be present from earlier releases - techno, folk horror, experimental field recording and radiophonics, exploring post-industrial landscapes, 80s science fiction films etc - but they are no longer separate pastimes vying for sonic attention. On this release they truly coalesce, along with formative memories of earlier electronic music, into something emotional, cinematic, immersive and greater than the sum of its parts.

OH. I didn’t even realise. I have a couple of freshies:

This one actually released on 13 Oct but available now on BC - it’s free anyway. It’s made Monomachine and Waldorf XT - mostly - probably some MS20 in there too

and another one from my darker alt ambient project of my avatar name

it’s mostly modular and field recordings and quite brooding

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todays purchases so far … modeselektor are ussually an instant buy and the others are nice,modern electro / Acid


For this friday, I bought various albums from Telefon Tel Aviv that were sitting in my whishlist for a while.

And also the Sound of Tokyo-To Future album from 2 Mello

And Coatseller albums also. It is the band/music name from the once upon a synth youtube channel. I really like his channel so why not :slight_smile:


I just bought a couple of albums that have been on my wishlist for a bit.

Special Request’s DJ-Kicks. I haven’t bought a compilation/mix in forever but this one is pretty great:

Nala Sinephro’s Space 1.8, beautiful fusion of jazz and electronics:

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loving this apartment fox release. lush techno. a nice escape and really holds my attention. the other 2 were just released and i’m stoked to listen deeper. SDEM is always a gem.

I have a track (CNEIS - More or Less) on this compilation that came out today. Please enjoy (cassettes available too)!