Autechre MD+MnM sysex files! [+ MPC, Nord]


HECTOR sysex please elektron

“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe.”

Monomachine blade runner patches
Time to dieeeeee


couple of Song/arrangements from the machinedrum.
152 BPM, downloads enabled.
for any potential MNM users who don’t own the MD, first track has arrangement info written out in the description just incase that’s of any use to anyone (one bar in particular changes BPM from 152 to 154??? only guess would be to deliberate have the gear fall out of sync but also would’ve assumed the MD was a master clock. honestly who knows :slight_smile: ).


It seems MD MIDI OUT goes into MM MIDI IN, bit I might be wrong…
Some hidden MIDI interaction between the two silver boxes ?


Theres a bunch of muted midi tracks on the mono. Looks like mono goes into md c/d in. And mono midi to md. Mono as master.


MnM C/D > MD A/B apparently.


some realtime resampling going on with some pattns perhaps?


Did anyone manage to extract samples from the MD sysex? There is couple of patterns that use ROM machines and I have no idea where / how to get the samples.


Yer right. I got it bassackwards. Thanks for correction. :+1:


Today’s listenings in 24bit


This is where it’s at :slight_smile:


machinedrum @ 152bpm
A01>H16 is just every pattern one after another, played twice
(ignore the part where it has ‘bitroast’ next to the names. just figured sc would be an easy way to listen on different devices).


So i’m I right in thinking you’ve got 8 x banks of 16 patterns on the MD? I’ve probably got less than half. Can anyone conform?


ye @ 8 x banks of 16 patterns.


Ah, that’‘s interesting. I wonder what happened there then. Had no errors.
Got a full complement on the MnM but sadly lacking on the MD. Oh well… i’m away all week so I can’t do anything anyway.
It’'s gunna be a loooong old week!:angry:


i had trouble with the tm1, worked when i tried midi interface (motu fastlane) +c6. also set machinedrum to sysex receive in the global settings.


I think there was one bank that had 15 patterns? or was it on the mono?


Really cool! But the tempo is too high


On the page now, there are more ‘underscore’ links at the bottom of the page. Looks like MPC1000 and Nord Modular G2 (damn I want one so bad) backups and a setlist.

From the set list notes:

MIDI Routing: MachineDrum out to MonoMachine in. MonoMachine thru to MPC1K inA. MPC1K outA to NMG2 in. (BS3X out1 to MPC1K inB).

Audio Routing: MonoMachine outC/D to MachineDrum extinA/B.

Elektrons: Do not use Song Mode, use Pattern Mode only. MachineDrum: Do not use Classic Mode, use Extended Mode only.

Set list includes BPMs.


Lots of WAVs in the MPC1000 backup. Hopefully they will work in the Digitakt :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link - I can actually try those out using the rather neat Virtual Nord Modular software ( as I have neither MNM nor MD.