Autechre MD+MnM sysex files! [+ MPC, Nord]


Looks like Autechre have uploaded their sysex files from the 2008 Quaristice tour…

Go here, scroll to the bottom and click the little symbol on the left beneath the AE_LIVE links.

Glad I kept the Monomachine now… if only I still had the Machinedrum :stuck_out_tongue:

SOLD PLS CLOSE - FS (UK) Monomachine + Machinedrum w. covers and stands
Your main Autechre Sysex learnings
Autechre Sound Design

What are the sysex files doing / how does it work?


If you have a Machinedrum or a Monomachine you can load the .syx files and get their patterns/sounds.


okay, now I want both machines! That is so awesome!


Holy shit. Whaaaaaaaaat! Wow. This is wild.


Monomachine and machinedrum prices have now doubled. Hahaah


Machinedrum pricing recently doubled in my mind when I saw what @defenestration was doing with his. Machinedrum Trig Conditions? Generative Sequencing via MIDI Loopback [video]






Have to go to sleep for work tomorrow, but also too excited about loading these in at work tomorrow. What a catch 22.


Autechre jam at the Elektron offices? :smiley:

Now I want to team up with my friend who has a Machinedrum and start an Autechre tribute act :stuck_out_tongue:




It’s be really funny if they were blank patches


I remember when no one about the EPS16 plus sampler and then Autechre said they use it with the wave boy disks…prices doubled

Before Autechure 200 for an eps16+ rack after Autechure 600. :frowning:

Actually I got more time with the machinedrum so now I got something to study


I’m so eager to analyze and tear these apart! Thanks!




I better start bidding on a monomachine on eBay and reverb before feces hits the fan.


i wonder how long that link has been sitting there in plain sight. :confused:


Oh…and thanks to @pselodux for pointing it out :wink:


Has anyone cracked open the MD one already? Is it pure synthesis or includes samples? Exciting either way


just loaded the MnM sysex. very cool. it is a full snapshot of kits and patterns.

now I really wish I had an MD to see the other half of these tracks!