Autechre MD+MnM sysex files! [+ MPC, Nord]


cheers for the link to the nord emus, didn’t know about those. maybe the mpc programs can be imported into the on

edit - pgms work fine in mpc2 demo version. and sequences…, works well for me. The aE patches all up and loading well, some of pads/atmospheres sound pretty lush. Cant wait to drive into the nord G2 emulator.


I have the Nord G2 rack fully expanded. I’ll get some recordings and screen caps of the patches later tonight.


I have the Nord modular g2 key but not expanded . I will try some of those patches later.


Screen caps of the G2 patches:


I don’t have a Nord Modular G2, but I have the editor installed via the Wine compatibility layer. I’m going through some of the patches now and they are things of beauty, worthy of study.

There are of course certain modules that are unique to the NMG2, but it would be interesting (for me) to see if I can prototype some of these patches in another system, such as my Nord Micro Modular, Max, etc.

There are a couple of gems to be found in the WAV files for the MPC1K backup which I intend to use with the SP-303/PO-33/OP-Z.


are you on windows or osx?

i have never been able to the g2 to werk on my mac…though it should. just the g1 editor. :confused:

its kinda cool these guys, Ae, AFX, U-ziq giving stuff away.
much appreciated. i wonder what prompted all this. its exiting!


Neither. I haven’t run Windows or OSX in years.

I’m running the Nord Modular G2 Editor v1.62.exe on macOS 10.14.2 Mojave via the Wine compatibility layer on my MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2012).

With Wine, there is no need to install Windows.


i was trying the stage engine stuff. it was supposed to have wine incorporated into the launch. but it just crashes.

so you got it going on mojave…thats cool!


The Clavia Nord G2 editor works fine on my Mac. Running Sierra OS.


ya im on mojave. i think it stopped werking on High Sierra.


cool man it werks. tell why installing that wine stuff felt SO sketchy :confused:

weird seeing the old PC windows and fonts. i hope i haven’t made a mistake…but it werks. thanks


Works quite well under Wine on Linux Mint 18.3, for those interested. Not all patches run (reverbs in particular cause a heavy cycle load), but a number of these ae patches are usable.

[Edit] Applying the Patch Mutator in the Tools menu leads to some very fun results indeed!


If anyone wants to install the demo version of the G2.

Please note that the demo is only mono and severely limited, so not all of the patches will work. But the ones that do are worth the effort if you don’t have a Nord Modular G2 of your own.


why the demo there is a full version at the nord site availible?!


By all means download the full version and hook it up to your Nord Modular G2.

But if you don’t have a Nord Modular G2 you can try the demo which will make sound.


Ah okay that make sense…so you can listen to the patches without the hardware. :slight_smile:


1.40 demo?

that one wont install over here

nvm i got it to install…no idea where it went…but whatever.
feel like im fucking my mac :grimacing:


The download linked from here is a hacked version which runs under Wine with no restrictions:

[Edit] hold on, that might not be the right one… try here:


well @bradleyallen, i got it to werk. thanks.

but this this stuff has solidified what i already knew. but hearing this stuff just drove the point home…FULLY.

the gear aint making the music. those guys are just super good. known fact. but it really made me see how weak of an effort i put into the stuff i do. and why it will always sound like shit.

makes me appreciate what they do that much more than i already did.



This is crazy incredible.

Sorry: total Nord noob here. I seem to have the demo editor up and running but where can I find their patches?

EDIT: ah. sorry. I’m dumb. I skipped over that underscore.