Autechre MD+MnM sysex files! [+ MPC, Nord]


(Almost off-topic: I kind of lost track of Autechre’s output over the last, um, decade. I just went and bought some of the recent stuff from their web store as a thank you to them for posting the MD and MM files. :clap: )


this is like MiniDisc on roids!

@sezare56 saw the MM out into MD. gonna see what thats like.
theres some midi stuff setup too.


elseq 1–5 in particular has made me rethink a lot of their back catalog over the past decade. I love it, as well as the releases that built up to it, including the period from these Sysex files (to bring it back on topic).


this is incredible. I have a couple MD only tracks, but could never get it so dynamic sounding. I’ll definitely be tearing apart these patterns


I think it was on that WATTMM thread that they said the two machines had been boxed up for awhile.

They probably did this to move them at a profit :wink:


Today I tried again and it just magically worked like @torabi said it would! Stoked to start uncovering some Autechre sound design!


thanks, sounds great. Does the md sysex contain any user samples? or is was AE md just the non uw? cant remember

if uw and what about use of the ram machines?



Where’s the other half?


I could listen to G1 on MnM all night, it’s so simple but the hold LFO’s on the Ensembles tuning makes it epic!


Ha yeah that really threw me. I thought “how are the chords changing?!”… it all seems so tonal as well, some really amazing stuff going on there.


Soooo good Autechre MD masterclass hey Nauts you check the levels of some tracks… is micro and sound incredible Big Respect and looking to the Autechre Bitstream 3x files. Joking but I now this guys use it live mapping MNM and MD


Worth remembering when we hear comments about how effects are unusable on some boxes.

It all comes down to ideas, and this isn’t a revelation.


Loaded into my MnM and MD. It works!
I am Autechre now.


We are all Autechre.


Whoa. Been keeping my head down lately so thanks for the heads up.


It just wanted to know you were committed. The MNM isn’t some hussy you can drop your files in for a wild night of knob twiddling. You have to earn it!


AE and bleep commences sysex trend

Anyone have the knife sysex files :crazy_face:,

The gf was a bit bemused when I said, sleepily…Ae say sex files, fucking hell and… I’d love to get my hands on those knife, say sex,s”

Wtf is a say sex and a knife! What’s AE! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:



SOPHIE next, omg pls


These are really fun to mess around with.


On the old forum I used to love downloading the patches that were attached to some shared tips. Much easier than video for me.

Someone should do the tips collection in a sysex file.