Autechre MD+MnM sysex files! [+ MPC, Nord]


One thing I didn’t think to check was that if there were any other outputs being used on the MnM… I could have missed a few sounds. There were also a lot of unused kits.

They mentioned in the AAA thread that they never got any recordings of that tour, but this is making up for it imo!

For me, the HOLD LFO is an important part of the Elektron experience :smiley: it’s a great technique

yesss I knew they were legit

Check further up in this thread! I just have the 30min video; I may do a longer one dissecting some patterns but I’ve got my own music/sound design to work on :stuck_out_tongue:


Wild. Loaded the sysex for sfx60 this morning. They sound great. A few really nasty ones in there:

Playing around a bit more:


I recorded some of the drums from an MKI Machinedrum:


I can’t remember when or where I found this, but I think it matches the time frame.


Ahh, so he’s using outputs C+D as well… hmmmm


Did Rob use the elektrons at all, or only Sean? Not that it’s important to know, haha.
Well, I guess nobody knows what they did in the studio.


does that mean we get another video? :wink:


thank you Autechre.
i just goofed around with it real quick. all i can say is damn…


Mad love for all the comments / examples on their technique. Thanks yall.

Now who’s going to be the hero and make some samples? :wink: (unsure of the ethics involved; correct me if wrong)


Awesome :slight_smile:


That glass is stressing me out.


I know, right. Someone get the poor man a drink!


it just shows me how the tool in the right hands can do amazing things.
inspiring and a little upsetting…i thought my boxes where broken cuz they never made any good tunes.

turns out…once again…it was just user error. ha ha ha ha…dang


Autechre just put out a teaching tool that’s more effective than a thousand pages of compiled user tips. Explore at your own pace, reverse engineer, tweak, absorb lessons by osmosis. So incredibly generous. I love when Autechre deigns to give us a peek behind the curtains - there are always vast worlds to explore.


I understand the ‘thousand pages’ hyperbole, but it’s the love of their music that has given people the motivation to reverse engineer how the patches were made.

There were always things to be learned from the machines if people were willing to reverse engineer the factory patches and subsequent contributions from the community. It’s just that most people couldn’t get past that some of the programming examples didn’t happen fit into their favorite genre. Some of the factory patches I personally liked the least I learned the most from a routing perspective.


I’m curious what you mean by this. What were some routing examples you learned from the factory presets? I may go through them myself…


Well said! I guess my point was that, up until now, I’ve mostly stuck to reading the manual, reading compiled tips for the MD on these forums and trying to muddle through applying them myself, and watching a few youtube tutorials for specific techniques. All wonderful, indispensable resources, but not nearly as visceral and ready to play with as this, which makes a big difference in learning. I never really thought about digging into the factory patches, my limited imagination I suppose! (Generally speaking, one of the first things I do when I get my hands on a new machine is ignore the factory content, lol)


I don’t have a Monomachine anymore but there are some gems to be discovered in seemingly the most unlikely places. Same with the Machinedrum.

But if you have either or both these machines the Autechre files are plenty to chew on for a long time to come. :slightly_smiling_face:


With the plus drives I’d create a new snapshot and start from scratch. Eventually, once I worked out the interface and workflow I would find myself checking the factory banks as I wondered why they were included.


Apparently going into MD’s A/B inputs.
Which means you need MD and MnM ?