Autechre MD+MnM sysex files! [+ MPC, Nord]


Yes you can jump between Song mode & Pattern mode.
Try something like this.
Once you return to Pattern mode the last pattern from Song mode will loop until you select another Pattern.




Any idea if there’s a way to convert the Machinedrum sysex files so that the pattern data will load into an RYTM?


There is no existing software that can do this directly, although it is theoretically possible to transfer the trig data (but not the sounds, obviously).


If I just send the sysex data from the MD into the RYTM, would it pick up any of that trig data or are they totally incompatible?


These are nice visuals. I like sound content better as well…more variation in it. Are they on hard drugs though? LOL jk




I remember when I saw Clark perform live. He used 2 MPCs (1000) during his Turning Dragons tour.
You can also check some Kyle Hall’s early stuff (Boat Party for the exemple), as far as I know, he also used the MPC.


Nice! So the way to dump this on to my MD / MnM without loosing any of my precious work would probably be to save current work as a snapshot and then load an empty snapshot and then import the sysx into those fresh snaps right?




Haha… this is gonna be fun! :smiley:


Sys dump both boxes…just in case :wink:
Doesnt take too long.


Well… its AE sysx files… by using these I am aware that my machines just might burn out or something… Like overclocking your GPU… :wink:


Remember to play entirely in the dark.


Yeah… I even got ND filter screens on my Machines cos they made those screens too bright! Especially the MnM gives me eyecancer. This is actually a problem I got with all Elektron devices… we need a dimmer for those LEDs…


I really enjoy seeing how much they squeezed out of the Monomachine.

Heard a cool stereo sound going on and found it was coming from a reverb track, with high value distortion p-locks on certain steps to produce the sound I was hearing, which sounded very different from its source. Never thought to try that before…

If I ever sell the MD + MNM I’m leaving these as the “factory” patterns.


hey brother i need some help … would you mind specifying which samples in the MPC1k collection those are, and why you loaded them to MD ROM slots 1-4 in particular?

i just looked through the collection and I find only two samples that begin with “SPS” about halfway down (SPSKikA and SPSKikB).

i also glanced through the patterns – not carefully i admit, i may well have missed something – and i only came across kits that use ROM 1 and ROM 6.

the setlist notes don’t say anything i saw indicating specific samples that are for use in the MDUW, so let me know if i’m blind or something here :slight_smile:


You may have crossed some of the info.

Re MPC:Theres a grip of samples in the mpc folder. But those are for the mpc. Look at files by type. Theres a BUNCH in there.

Re MD samples: (clap, clic, clik, hh01) i was just showing the only samples that showed up in the MD when i loaded the MD sysex. There was only four, and thise were they.

Re set list: ya i never said set list had anything to do with samples. But it did specify when to use Ram machines for some freestylin’

I did see some ROM machines, but it was calling on sample slot 6 that was empty. BUT because you have me checking this out…i now see a bunch of samples in there way down the list. 1-4 have samples, 21-38 have samples the rest are empty. Perhaps when i loaded the sysex over my existing stuff, the samples that came with the Ae sysex went in gaps?
Im gonna factory empty reset, to see where those samples get placed. Perhaps they are stock and they just use those? But that Rom i saw used slot 6 like i said, but it was empty.

So, again, MPC are MPC only, nothing to do with MD, but maybe try them :slight_smile:
Lots of Ram machines in there (to use em you gotta initiate them), check E12 for example. Tracks M1, M2, M3, M4.
And the set list doesnt say anything about what samples go where.

(MPC samples i got)

Hope that clears up some of what i meant. Im not the best typist.

ADDING: i just wiped my MD, deleted all the samples, then loaded the Ae sysex. looks as though they either used the stock samples that were in the box for their ROM machines, or did not include them for the MD. cuz when i loaded the sysex in again with ALL wiped…it was empty.

ADDITIONALLY: a werd of warning…much to my dismay…samples are not part of the sysex. you need to dump those on their own it seems. SO that said, the backup of my sysex pre adding the Ae sysex is fucked, as my samples are gone and i have no idea what those were. NEAT!

[i need to be more diligent about RTFM [idiot]]


[im gonna chuck in some of their MPC for fun]


thanks, and yep … samples have always been something you need to load separately from sysex data.

i went back and checked more carefully: the kits used in the patterns only use ROM slots 1 and 6. some of the unused kits (there are quite a few) might use other sample slots but i’m too lazy to look through those.

my suspicion is that the samples they use in these two slots are the ones i mentioned previously. these appear in the MPC1k sample collection, which is ordered alphabetically … i don’t know where else the .wav files would be found, unless they simply aren’t included at all. who knows if i’m right though.

one thing i notice is that the only patterns where the samples are used are in G13-G16 and H bank. i suppose it might be possible to listen to that section of their live performance and try to make them out.

all that said, i’m way more interested to dig into what they’re doing with RAM machines … probably a lot more enlightening.


It just says in the set list (not in front of me) something like “freestyle a bit with ram machines for x loops” or something on certain tracks.

Its probably just just goofing to fill.

Theres a couple patterns with the Ram machines live.