Autechre MD+MnM sysex files! [+ MPC, Nord]


Yes youre right i have the MKI UW the first User Wave that hits the market in us and the patterns songs and kits work without a problem.

Machinedrum SPS-1UW MKI (2007) Autechre Syssex Confirmed


I think it’s a mk2… if you look closely you can see there are four LEDs above the scale setup button, as opposed to the mk1’s three


Yep both mk2s; short height


That is really nice! No clue how much of it is “you” versus “pattern” but it sounds pretty damn good!


Thank you! I must admit there was more machine influence over this track than anything i’ve ever made. (Maybe it should stay that way :yum:)

I programmed the drums on MPC 1000, then did some live muting and sending certain bits into MnM track six for the delay and filter sweeps.

The MnM pattern is just single trigs on the first bar, with the pitch of the ensemble machine changing with each pass via LFO’s. I was simply directing which tracks were being sent through the C/D output into Keeley Darkside for distortion, delay, rotary, and univibe.


Thanks a Lot for this @pselodux !
Now im sure that i will quit my job next year!
Specially since i got a Sherman filterbank too… And Thanks to @defenestration i can learn the midi loopback…
I need time…
5weeks and i get everything Rolling big time…in the meantime i will try my best too :slight_smile:


I can confirm Monomachine SFX60 MKII (2007) works 100% (non + drive version)
Has anyone tested specifically on this model Machinedrum SPS-1 MKII (2007) (non UW model?)


I’ve been excitedly reading this thread all week as I’ve had no time to be able to get my MnM and MD out and setup ready to play about with the sysex. But even without being able to do that, the conversation and insight from people on this thread has been great and has planted more than a few ideas to explore… and not just for the classic silver boxes. A lot of this stuff is applicable for a whole host of scenarios.

Though, there is a touch of embarrassment as I’ve had my MnM for about 9 years now and for some reason never properly looked into HOLD LFOs… feeling bashful about that!


should work on all devices - just limited to 32 steps i assume, on the mk1s.




the machinedrum sysex dump actually has a good handful of arrangements made in Song mode, lots of dialed in Start and End points on patterns to give the patterns cool rhythmic variations not possible via just straight out playing the patterns normally.

i think the ‘Do not use Song Mode’ is more just an instruction on how to perform the md and mnm in that context of playing the full 2008 set.

they def explored and utilized song mode outside of that :slight_smile:


for Ae heads…

did you see on the ABOUT page of Ae’s bleep store, under the period by AUTECHRE middle top of the page there is a link to this…

444 [a track name] videos of image generated noise. anyone have a way to decode the images? or figure out what they hid in the sound?

this is hidden in the Youtube avatar for that page…

edit: Nov 18…

another 99 vids found today. under diff playlist header, this time the vids look like 2d images pushed into 3d exploded projections.


Is every pattern 4 bars on the Machinedrum? --just trying to figure out what MK1 owners will miss out on


MD patterns are 32 steps. MM patterns are 64.


An old trick was to jump into song mode to grab some crazy loops then revert back to pattern mode. Dataline did it a lot.
This is wicked, gonna have a good look at this.
Those comp settings are spot on. Long attack, mega short decay & gained up. Old drum group trick or as the cool kids say, ‘stems’ lol


Wait, so if I have an entry in song mode that just plays the second half (or whatever) of a pattern, that’ll carry into pattern mode?! Or am I interpreting your comment incorrectly?


Does anybody know why some of the RAM machines doesn’t sound? Y don’t see any samples on the sampler manager.


prob beside the RAM P machine there is a RAM R machine…recording whats playing and chopping that up, playing it back


Do you know if the sysex file come with samples? because the ROM machines doesn’t sound at all.


theres a lot of samples in the MPC part.

theres 4 ROM samples [at least thats all i got]. those are samples that get loaded to the box. RAM are recorded from the box. they are for live recording and playback

as you can see there were only 4 ROM samples.
and in the RAM image you see RAM-R1 = record, RAM-P1 = play.
on the record track you need a trig to enable recording, and on the play machine track you need to add trigs to play back portions of what your RAM machine is recording.

in their set notes…the RAM stuff says something like freestyle. so they prob drop in trigs where they wanted.

go to pat E08…tracks 13,14,15,16…youll see two record and two play RAM machines.