Autechre MD+MnM sysex files! [+ MPC, Nord]


An external midi keyboard lets you go polyphonic :wink:


Yeah, on some I don’t hear anything, even if I route to 1/2 out.
Have to get my head around the patches, and what they are supposed to do :slight_smile:


I just checked and can confirm that the Nord Modular Editor v3.03 for the Nord Modular classic series can not open (much less even see) any of the Nord Modular G2 patches.


It’s good stuff.

Nord Modular G2 English User Manual v1.4 Edition 1.4x.pdf
OS Version 1.4x, Print Edition 1.4, English Language.


I’m not sure about the G2, but the G1 doesn’t. The closest I could get to any kind of wave playback was using the sequencer modules to make single cycle waves :laughing:


Thanks. Read parts of it some years ago. The nord manuals were always great


:scream: what did i miss of Mike P.?


he pulled and AFX and put a ton of stuff on soundcloud. i dunno if it there still


ugh…nvm im stupid.


Oh cool, i knew about Afx, but not him…i‘m out for the hunt :smile:


No the G2 doesn’t have sample modules.
But you can make a patch with some clever use of delay modules to temporarely sample stuff. But switching it off means sample is gone.


That was my takeaway too. And it’s so much more creatively nuanced than just doling out stems. Most of all, I appreciate their generosity of spirit while also helping demystify a process that many perceived as akin to magic.

I don’t see this as a call to action to suddenly reacquire certain pieces of gear. They have moved on, ever forward, and I have no desire to live 10 years in the past either, even though it will likely take me another decade to understand where they are today.


Same here :slight_smile:


i don’t see it much as living 10 years in the past. for me this is still entirely new.
they mentioned before that they didn’t have any recordings of this material, so have to imagine for the band themselves recording this would be a bit more of a case of working with past material when they could be doing new things, but for us fans and hobbyists this 10 year old material is unreal to play with
:slight_smile: (i think i’m largely agreeing with your post and sentiment here!).


These Sysex files are new to me too! By the way, I’m listening to your Soundcloud uploads now and they’re great. Thanks for sharing them, it’s a nice way to revisit this material from a fresh set of ears.

When I’d read in previous interviews that their Elektron gear had been boxed up and not used in many years I thought, “Well, that’s that, then.” But look where we are now. :slightly_smiling_face:


good to see another super dirty monomachine - as dirt keeps the mono funk


Following this 3D from the beginning… what to say… terrific stuff!
Would be great to publish free versions of Quaristice tracks with all this materials.
Love AE to death, thanx Sean & Rob!


3D? Did they add the 3D video project files up as well? I‘d love to have a look at gantz graf :nerd_face:


LOL, I mean thread


Just downloaded the G2 stuff. Now finding the time to play with them :wink: