Autechre MD+MnM sysex files! [+ MPC, Nord]


Checked them last night awesome pad sounds in there…very inspiring!


I missed this instruction yesterday. I guess that was the reasons I had problems with some patches

"Nord Modular G2 Patches: Load performance folder first, then load patchfile, enable Perf Mode."


Played a little with the G2 patch. Quite interesting sounds really.
Didnt have the time to really analyze it but some observations :

-Every patch use different variations. Variation 1 doesnt produce any sounds.

-The sequencer modules seems to be used mostly to apply some modulation to different parameters and are clocked using gate input so each notes sounds different.

-Lots of midi CC mapped to parameters for every patch so my guess is the MPC is used to sequence the Nord Modular G2 with lots of midi CC.


Not a fan of Autechre at all, just not my thing, but it’s incredibly cool to see an artist shed light so openly on things that they have done.

And very generous too. I can see this has really captured the imagination of a lot of people in this thread.


That makes sense. Most likely you need the mpc + NM combo to get the whole picture


Yes. From the set list file:

MIDI Routing: MachineDrum out to MonoMachine in. MonoMachine thru to MPC1K inA. MPC1K outA to NMG2 in. (BS3X out1 to MPC1K inB).

Nord Modular G2 MIDI: MIDI chan 1-4 = Slot 1-4, CC: receive & send, PC: receive & send.

This also adds another dimension to what’s going on with the Machinedrum from a MIDI perspective. Also to keep in mind the Nord Modular G2 was set up to both send and not just receive MIDI.


If I remember correctly there were some patches without an audio out module.
Just for sequencing purpose I reckon

Who has all 4 devices? :loopy:


Audio and MIDI archeological digs are so much fun. Even without the specific equipment there is still much to be gleaned from the techniques the ancient Autechre society employed.


Four ritual objects, I reckon.


MPC2500 instead of MPC1000, but otherwise I’m ready for a fun weekend.


Anybody make a soundcloud or youtube vid of the Nord patches?


I’m going to print and hang up the first page of the setlist and I’m going to tell you why.

How many pieces of gear do you see: 4. 1-2-3-4.

What is the size of their musical world: immense. Vast.

I hope it helps remind me that the potential size of something is not how many things you put in it but how much you put in it.

God bless 'em.


But 4 immense deep instruments (at least 3 of them, don’t know much about the mpc)


True. Which one could take for either chose wisely or, along the lines of what I’m saying, get the most out of your choices. Which I think can be immense for any piece of gear.


Do you mean the old albums he added to bandcamp?


Yeah, four devices with which you could easily make full tracks individually… :smiley: but I get the point!


I have MD and MPC1000 jjos loaded with the stuff.

Aaand while MD patterns are what you expect them to be, MPC structure, sequences and samples is something i’ve never heard nor seen in mpc world. Hope someone with other instruments will put it in the right context.

Thank everyone for the passion. Never listened to more than 3 minutes of authechre before this thread :slight_smile: a vast world to explore


have a nice journey :slight_smile:
It takes some years


Care to elaborate? I’m fascinated. I’ve never owned an MPC but Autechre seem to be the only people actually making music I enjoy with it (apart from some local friends who are inspired by them).



There are two parts in mpc sequences:

  1. Midi for nord g2 that obviously should interact with the patches on the synth so I can’t audition them.

  2. But mostly the sequences are pre-mangled (by the means of mpc filters and effects) samples. Mpc lacks proper real time sample alteration means, so setlist instructs you to mute particular sample across the bunch of MD/MnM patterns that represent a track.

I’ve set up the patterns according to set list and they sound kind of foreign to MD rhythms. Just arbitrary metallic swells and growls of moderate length. I guess with melodic parts it will be more meaningful. Though I understand you should not apply earthly expectations to aE music.

Thankfully, My newly rebought MnM is being delivered, so I have an opportunity to check my hypothesis.

Emptyset uses MPC1000 and nord micro for some noisey stuff. Check them out