Autechre MD+MnM sysex files! [+ MPC, Nord]


very cool. i have the nord editor running with wine. at least i can check some of the gifts now :slight_smile:


Exactly. I admit I was feeling pretty left out at first; that kid in the corner on the playground, head down, while the group plays with their new toys.


me too, haha.
But getting the silver boxes for that purpose would be a bit extreme. And I can’t digest 5 elektron boxes at my place :slight_smile:
Was hoping for the nord patches actually


Using the second link - Im on Windows - and it still won’t let me load some patches.

But anyway it works so props for that!


Yeah, I have some problems with running some patches (ae or otherwise) using this version, but when it does work, it’s amazing.

HasTHreme3.2 run through loads of different mutations (via the tools menu) at varying levels of probability and with all manner of shapes is a lot of fun in particular. It’s possible to mutate oscs, FX, etc etc, singly or together, to your heart’s content.


Had a go at both an MNM and MD in the office - pretty much as expected really, aside some clever RAM tricks. But the novelty of having their og SysEx is great. :smiley:

(But I’ve already spent hours replicating that era of ae on (mostly) MD way back… :slight_smile:
_I think a lot of the magic happens in the processing of these, as well as other gear in play. Alone they sound kind of meh actually IMO, hahaha.)


using the second link but when I open it it gets stuck in the About screen :confused:


Oh hah, cool. Open sourcing Autechre.
Not sure if this makes it less mythical or more. Hmm.


This is great. Having a go at this Nungmrl8.6. The lads work.

It’s finally gotten me to check out the editor; I’m thinking of picking up a Micro. Gotta get used to this side mouse movement tho.


A kind Sir posted a video of the MPC content:


omg @ them also releasing mpc g2 and patch notes.
was already frothing at mouth at the idea of combining MD with MNM and hearing that together. obviously wouldn’t have been the same as the set and would have been some things left out but still a very awesome close approximation + opportunity to re-appropiate the patterns into standalone tracks. even without any processing, the machinedrum+monomachine combo is incredible.

autechre are too good ;-; !!! :slight_smile:


It certainly makes me love them more.

It’s also a nice reminder of how much of making this music is a process (we don’t know the discards and false starts and unused patterns and weeks or months of work that went into end result); and how much of it is processing (they definitely kick my ass when it comes to mixing and processing this stuff; and hearing Aphex Twin’s ‘korg funk 5’ and hearing how my Volcas sound… oy…).

I feel OK about my process after what I’ve seen of this. I’m hoping to maybe pick up at least some of just how to get my beats flowing and sounding better. I feel pretty confident on Monomachine and A4. I still feel like I’m doing something wrong on Machinedrum. Possibly due to personal background coming more from noise and electro-acoustic stuff than from drum oriented stuff. I think I’m trying to crowd too many sounds into the same sonic space.

But that’s an aside. I just think it’s cool that they basically said “here, make your own AeLive08 bootlegs!”.


Not sure if the original thread on Electro-Music can offer any help (too busy to read right now):

Weirdly, it just stopped working for me under Linux too… it might be the Pulse Audio sound engine though.


Be aware that most .pch2 patches (possibly all) won’t work with a Micro Modular, just the G2.


Yep, their 2005-2008 liveshows still sound magnificent and didn’t seem to employ any outboard effect.


Yeah I know. I just had been putting off trying the editor to see how Id get on with it so I’m glad this has provoked me.

One question: does the Nord Modular have a sampler / file player module? I can’t seem to find one…


I still want a Micro (and a G2) … one day, one day. If only there was some easy way to convert Nord patches to Axoloti ones… :wink:


Can open the Nord patches. But on some patches I hear sound on others I don’t.
Is the audio routed differently for some patches?
Or do they need midi note input?


Yeah I’ve been clicking away at the virtual keyboard with all of them.


Is the audio routed differently for some patches?

I noticed on a few of the screen shots the audio was routed to outputs 3/4. So you may need to move those over to 1/2 for left and right outputs.

See where 3/4 is highlighted in blue on the two bottom output modules?