Arturia Minibrute 2 / 2S

You’re correct. I just stopped by my local GC in Dallas and they have them on sale for $399, in store only.

Hey everybody, anybody can tell if I can left back part of link system in the air ?
(I am using MB2 + rackbrute 3U - I have it on stand, but that is not deep enough, so back handle of whole system is in the air)… I am wondering If It will survive, or It could be damaged this way.

Can Minibrute 2 make these sounds? Thanks!

The 2s is a great sounding synth. Much better sounding than the original brute and the 2s at least is much better built. Never had the 2 in my hands but I’d guess the build quality is the same as the 2s. Add in the sequencer and it’s a very good package. Not a modular user myself but the patch bay is very handy for playing with other CV equipped gear. Did I say it can sound great too?:grinning:

The oscillators and filter were changed from the first generation MiniBrute and MicroBrute. To my ear the second generation sound better although that’s subjective. I think they did something similar with the DrumBrute and the Impact. Seems Arturia listened to customer and reviewers feedback and tweaked the circuits for their second gen. ranges.

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Anyone owned both the Microbrute and Minibrute 2? How much different do they sound?