Arturia MicroFreak

Do you use Midi over USB or DIN?

Is the DT sending out Midi over USB only and the Micro Freak wants Midi over DIN?

Have you checked on the Midi-Control Center?

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Midi over Din, it works in Ableton over USB.

Have you checked on the DT. I don’t have a DT myself, but all my other Elektron sequencers (OT and DN) have to activate Midi-over DIN in the settings. Maybe your DN is on USB only?

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it’s set up for midi(din)&usb, it’s worked with 0-coast and other gear before, when it’s on again i’ll go through digitakt settings and swap around as I say it’s probably something i’ve missed, it’s why I tested in ableton too

thanks again


Sometimes a broken cable or connector can cause much trouble … :wink:

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i’ve swapped over cables i’ll try some more i’m not at home i’ve got limited gear with me

Got the Microfreak yesterday. The presets are terrible. But after watching the Stimmings review and start from scratch i really like the microfreak …


It could be the patch, make sure seq/arp is off if sequencing from another sequencer or it will just transpose the uF sequence and restart it with each new note on message.

Do you guys know how to “program change” the presets of the MF through Digitone ? I think program change is not implemented yet and tha’ts a pity…

Yeah. I’ve found many presets useful.

Mikrofreak: OS 1.0.0: Program Change Receive is possible (see manual p. 92)

Digitone: SYN1 PAGE: PROG to send program change out (see manual 12.3 SYN1 PAGE (MIDI SOURCE)


I played one over dinky monitors is a big box retailer (stopped in to get an ETA on the XD module) and I must say was pretty gobsmacked by all the crazy noise this thing puts out. Might get one just to feed the Digitakt.

It may be somewhere in this epic thread, but does the pressure (skin contact) functionality of this keyboard send out midi (i.e. aftertouch) data? If so that makes it intriguing just as a controller. I found it surprisingly fun to play.

Aftertouch or Velocity


Hmm interesting.

It’s pretty dope with the right synth. I like the feel better than my Seaboard Block. More intuitive and easier to play.

Edit: if you’ve ever played a Make Noise Pressure Points, it’s a lot like that.


Tried it with the Digitone yet?

Very briefly (just because I don’t have a ton of time these days), but it was pretty awesome. :smile:

Tempting, isn’t it? You could further route the audio of the MicroFreak through the DigiTone effects.

Just sayin. :smile:


Nice video demonstrating making a complex sound on the Microfreak. You can come up with interesting-sounding stuff very easily… in my hour or so demoing it I wished that I had a Zoom recording it the whole time.


Thanks for sharing. This synth keeps popping up as interesting, especially given the price. I should go test one out at guitar center or something (or maybe I shouldn’t, given the price…) :smile: