Arturia MicroFreak


That came as a surprise… this might have killed it for me :confused:


Minimoog is mono!


Clubs and Disco are mono too :smiley:

I know, sometimes you want stereo, but that’s nothing a chorus could fix lol!


Would be much easier to have stereo, instead trying to make mono into stereo with each sound :confused:


With one monophonic oscillator. Why would you need stereo out?


Don’t complain. Update


Too bad. All you had to do was update the thing. New FW is stable


It’s software


might not be such a crazy idea after all



haha now I get the 299 price tag


The NanoBrute ! (That was the initial name, or project name perhaps.)
Nice design, and well thought out for manufacture, and useability on the MF.
So it’s a multi-processor system – four of 'em.

Good idea from Markus for a 49 key controller with the flat keys – though Arturia would have to compete with 2 x ROLI LUMI’s together or the K-Board Pro 4 from Keith McMillen (which is easy because that thiing is ridiculously overpriced at $900). X and Y sensing would be nice with it if Arturia ever does that.

I agree with Markus at the end saying that a DIY battery addition to the MF is probably not worth doing (unless you’re really determined), just use and external battery.


I had read somewhere that merely powering with an external battery/USB was inferior to using an earthed wall wart - something to do with the capacitive touch control.


Glad you have good memory mokomo :elephant:, i read that too someplace, and it makes sense. The touch keyboard works apparently, but it loses some sensitivity or something.

Too bad Markus didn’t address that too, it seems to me likely that there would be other ways to approach this problem, like some kind of external grounding. The wall plug isn’t the only place there’s a ground.


Just got mine this week. Hate the plastic feel. I love the rest! My favorite sounding synth since I sold my evolver. Keyboard is a lil funky but hasn’t detracted from my experience.

So many sweet spots and sounds. It’s a keeper.


On page 94 of the manual, in the section on connecting external gear (e.g. a power bank) it says:

Warning: The MicroFreak has a touch capacitive keyboard. For it to be fully functional the MicroFreak must be properly grounded. It’s why we recommend that you use the three pin wall plug provided by Arturia.


I personally never had issues with power banks. I think the main issues we noticed were when interfacing with other gear (computers, for instance) without a proper ground signal.

Using the provided power supply is the safest solution in any case.


In case y’all need yet another custom wavetable synth:

tl;dr: I made an open source tool to replace wavetables in the MicroFreak firmware.

Direct link:
Wavetable replacement tool (wavetabula):


great work!

just got a μF; a very likeable little slate so far.

great UI and the SP filter partners very nicely with the oscs. Despite their MI sources, Arturia also put a lot of work into this themselves.

Could make a nice little BoC inspiration machine…


Heck yeah - combining python and music, two of my favorite things. Nice work, and kudos for sharing it as an open source project.


this may sound stupid but I’m struggling setting up my micro freak with the Digitakt, all I want is the digitakt to sequence the micro freak I’ve set up it up on midi channel 9 on the digitakt (which is set up to send and receive midi) and to input & output on channel 9 on the micro freak as I have done on other equipment, but the digitakt isn’t triggering the micro freak, any ideas it’s probably something stupid that I’m missing

thanks in advance