Arturia MicroFreak


How do you « read » the project backup?


I don’t understand your question…?

I used the “Get from Microfreak” option to “download” the presets from my device. At least that’s what I tried to do! :smiley:

I assume you can use the “Send to” option to send presets.


I got the impression you were trying to open the exported file with a text editor. I just tried moving a patch from the freak window (column) to the computer one, it kept the name


I tried get from freak too, beside the fact i feel it take too long, it kept the names


Nope - they appear in the MCC list on the left hand side with no names. Hmmm…not good that it’s not working right over here…


Agreed! It took so long the first time I did it. And there I no way to cancel the process either from what I could tell.


How do you know they are there if you can not see the names (sorry maybe it’s obvious but i’m not in front of mcc and freak right now). Thanx


Because it lists them like this:

1 -
2 -
3 -
Etc. (Up through 256)

I didn’t bother to check if the presets were actually saved correctly because I was in a rush… :confused:

Edit: I see now the goal of your question. I assumed that it backed something up because it took forever. So it seemed like data was transferred. But you’re right that if it’s just listing them maybe the Presets aren’t actually there. Bleh. I’ll have to investigate further…

Edit 2/update: everything appears to be working just fine with the MCC. I probably should have power cycled once more after updating, and also reset my connections. Yay!


303 patch

Cycling envelope controls the filter

MF-303.mfpz (1.4 KB)


Thanks for sharing!


A couple of questions if I may and apologies if the answers are out there!

  1. Does the MF transmit the notes that are being arpeggiated/sequenced as an arpeggio/sequence or just the held notes? This applies to MIDI and CV outputs.

  2. Are the recorded motion tracks transmitted as CC values?



I feel pretty stupid, I thought the aftertouch was affected by how hard I pushed on the keys, not touching different parts like tip of the finger to flat part of the finger.

I’ve been pushing down pretty damn hard to try and hear differences and hope I didn’t do any long-term damage. I barely needed to press hard at all, just shift my finger placement. Hope I didn’t ruin anything!


did it scream? If not, it’s ok… ;-))


Just tried Mfreak connected USB midi to logic Pro.

1/ yes it transmits both, held notes and arpegiated/sequenced ones

2/ yes they are, each motion tracks will transmit the CC number the knob is affected to when you record knobs movement

CV: can not try this now


Thank you for the very detailed response - much appreciated!


I can verify: CV/gate is sent from arp/sequencer, had it running a 101 over the weekend without issue.


What are people’s thought on the wavetables?

After previewing nearly all of them (sweeping, modulating, playing, etc.), I think a lot of them sound too similar to one another and are a bit too harsh (I know, we’ve got the filter, but it’s 12 dB - that’s a lot to lop off).

Any thoughts?


Yep … same here … it’s definitely not a place where the MF shines, particularly if compared to Blofeld or Serum. But it delivers at least a typical and useful sound, if the waveforms are sweeped.

TBH I got the MF for its Karplus Strong, Waveshaper, Formant, Speach, and Modal algorithms. Experimenting with those has taken me in short time to many interesting places, which are now available out of the box too and that makes me loving it.


Thanks for that


Thanks for confirming I’m not crazy (?).

I also bought the MF primarily for its unique algorithms, and there are some tables that are interesting/have sweet spots, but I was surprised at the lack of variety. If you’re only going to include 16 tables, vary their sound!

Being able to load our own wavetables would be amazing.