Arturia MicroFreak


Sorry to hear it!


They responded in a GS thread about the jittering, and apparently it will be fixed in the next firmware (as well as some other items, and new features).


I finally got to play with mine last night. (only for a few minutes) It sounds great, and so far I’m not seeing any issues with it. I really like it so far. Now I just need a little time to dig into it properly.


Well, this news lets me wait to order until the get the issue verifiably sorted.


Mine is a little jittery and erratic at times but I really love it. Lots of fun! And hopefully it’ll be that much smoother in the update!


Yeah…it’s a freaky sexy little thing and sound great with some proper fx. I wish it would have audio over USB like the M:S…that would make a great combo with an ipad.


Hey guys, does the microfreak responds to any midi cc? I couldn’t find any midi chart


Still on my list, did not check that point in depth - you can get quite distracted with knobbing it :smile:. So far I only sequenced it using with the ipad, worked instantly. I have not tried trying to make program changes or other CC messages yet…


Found the midi chart at the end of this page :slight_smile:


Let me say it, how yello would say it:


Any information on the midi cc implementation for this machine?


Citing the link of @Swaitak


I seem to be in a similar situation. Had the little box just for a few days and wondered about the spontaneous on/off flipping of parameter displays. Since I had no unwanted changes of the parameters, it’s just irritating. I will keep mine … hoping it’s a firmware bug only … and there are two years of warranty, though.


Had a few hours with my Freak. First impressions are really positive, it sounds really great and the UI is spot on - so easy to tweak! To get most out of it, some external fx are perhaps needed. Most of the sounds sound really lovely when adding a bit of reverb. With the paraphony, some sequences do however sound like the device would have some reverb already. The build quality is so-so. It’s quite solid, but really light. The keyboard is fun, but it’s not so easy to use “pressure” with it. Didn’t have yet time to try it with eurorack - which was my main point for getting it. Kinda lost myself already with the synth!


AFAIK “pressure” is not measured by the keys, but the area, which is covered by our fingers. We have to use the tip of the finger and roll it flat to the surface to make this working as “pressure”. IMO it’s quite sensitive.


Yep, got that but somehow I feel that it’s not so sensitive as I thought it would be.


You can change the pressure sensitivity in the Utility section. I bumped mine up to about 75. It defaults to 60 or so, I think.

Also, as stated in the manual, the pressure function works best when the device is powered from the included AC adaptor, which is grounded. I’ve found that having that connection does give the best results, but USB power is by no means unusable.

The manual is pretty great!


New firmware out today. It addresses a good bit of issues y’all have already noticed.



V 1.1.2

New features

Spice / Dice improvement: Now affects the envelope decay, release and matrix pressure value.

Added program change support

Local control and external CC handling improvement
Real-time recording now enabled when starting the sequencer from the step-recording mode
Matrix amount reset now set to 0.5 seconds instead of 1 second

Bug fixes

Potentiometers stability improvement

MIDI start/stop handling improvement
CPU management and Sync improvement
Negative automation amounts now properly handled
Aftertouch + arpeggiator handling improvement
Real-time recording improvements
Song position pointer sync now preserved upon preset change when slaved
Preset browsing improvement in panel mode
Automatic sync source detection improvement
Parameters initialization improvement on power-up
Sequencer improvements in USB Sync
Arpeggiator to sequencer pattern transfer improvement
Real-time automation recording improvement
Gate length display now accurate
Step-recording display now visible when utility is enabled
Cycling envelope timing display now accurate
Step-browsing display is now refreshed when cycling through Mod slots
Matrix assign display improvements


I just updated and it went without a hitch.

Can’t say I feel confident the MCC backed up my presets, though. All I get is a list with no names… booo.