Arturia MicroFreak


Even if it its, there’s likely a better priced option out there like the ones from Anker. The freak can be powered by USB, like the BassStation II so any USB battery pack will do the job.


Sounds surprisingly good, aside from that rather tepid snare.

What’s up with the endtables on the wall?


That’s what represents Ɔȑȇǻƫǐwiŧŷ at Thomann.

I agree it does sound good – i was planning to wait for the BigFreak (or whatever they are going to call it) – but this at this price will be difficult to resist.


SuperFreak! :joy: The synth you don’t take home to mother… (Unless it’s Mother-32)


Looks like they don’t ship (at least mine) until May. Not a huge deal for me as I’m still reworking the studio, and just got my TherapSID. Just a data point for release.


Actually, that was a christmas gift from Arturia to all employees, it is personalized with our own name on it :wink:

And MicroFreak runs on USB so I guess Bryan used it in this demo.


A Loopop No Talk! That’s really rare from him.
He is just playing the presets, and it sounds great. He’ll be doing a review soon but in the mean time decided to share a preview with everyone.

Warning this is 39 minutes long!


Not so rare. His Digitone no talk preset noodling video made me order one…


Bo does a first impression on the μFreak (w/ talking)

Bo does a real nice exposition that sounds super nice. Almost 17 minutes in length.

Cool putting voice changes into a sequence.

ADDED: GAS warning!


Looks so homebrew I love it…


Great (as always) walk through by Loopop.


^ This box is the best freaking thing since sliced bread. MicroFact.



This ought to be good. I’m getting used to Stimming and his dry, German sense of humor. Tells it like it is (to him, at least).


Please stop posting this vids :smile:…no seriously enjoyed that one.


MicroFreak or Minilogue XD? Or will the 2 coexist?

Which one is more experiMental


That’s up to what you want and expect, it’s subjective – but objectively in cost for performance the μFreak is hard to beat – it’s less than half the cost of the XD.

They’re both great deals, and would be good together imo.


Not watched Stimming’s vido yet but really enjoyed Loopop’s… I’ve little doubt I’ll enjoy Stimming’s as they’re usually pretty informative and I really enjoy his sense of humour. Really, my interest in this hasn’t dampened at all… and it really is such a well featured machine (and great sounding) for such a keen price. I’ve spent too much on gear of late so need to calm down but it’s hard to see a situation where I don’t find my resolve crumbling at some point.


As to the value of the μFreak, Loopop summing up at the end of his video ( at 42:42 ), says this:

“On the ‘pro’ side, frankly, i struggle to think of a synth that provides as many synthesis engines and sequencing value as MicroFreak at this price range. The large number of sound engine types, to have four of them, the SCM filter, and the clearly laid-out mod matrix, as well as the randomization features here which i think are really cool and interesting from a generative perspective – all that for $300 – makes this a synth that’s very hard to ignore.”


Pity the keyboard doesn’t slide in underneath the unit to make it more compact.

I wonder how many circuit lines you’d be sawing through if you separated the keyboard using a dremel, then re-hinged it to the base and soldered back the circuit. That way you could fold the keyboard underneath for portability or even if you decided to use the ‘freak as a module.