Arturia MicroFreak


Even if it its, there’s likely a better priced option out there like the ones from Anker. The freak can be powered by USB, like the BassStation II so any USB battery pack will do the job.


Sounds surprisingly good, aside from that rather tepid snare.

What’s up with the endtables on the wall?


That’s what represents Ɔȑȇǻƫǐwiŧŷ at Thomann.

I agree it does sound good – i was planning to wait for the BigFreak (or whatever they are going to call it) – but this at this price will be difficult to resist.


SuperFreak! :joy: The synth you don’t take home to mother… (Unless it’s Mother-32)


Looks like they don’t ship (at least mine) until May. Not a huge deal for me as I’m still reworking the studio, and just got my TherapSID. Just a data point for release.


Actually, that was a christmas gift from Arturia to all employees, it is personalized with our own name on it :wink:

And MicroFreak runs on USB so I guess Bryan used it in this demo.


A Loopop No Talk! That’s really rare from him.
He is just playing the presets, and it sounds great. He’ll be doing a review soon but in the mean time decided to share a preview with everyone.

Warning this is 39 minutes long!


Not so rare. His Digitone no talk preset noodling video made me order one…