Arturia MicroFreak


Re: Stimming Video

Good demo. Good examples of using the μFreak in musical improvisation. Stimming also demonstrates how playable the “keyboard” really is.


I stayed away from MicroFreak videos since I have enough gear already… but I got to say, this synth seems like so much fun.
I feel tempted to sell my Shruthi-1 and get one of these.
I would probably loose quite a few features (ie. 12-patch matrix) but the MicroFreak looks a lot more fun to play and come up with unexpected results faster… also it doesn’t seem like it’s that big, or heavy - he says it’s 1kg wich is pretty lightweight


It very much seems to be a cost-effective 200e-like pseudo-Easel IMO. That’s why I preordered it. I’m really not interested in owning an Easel as it’s too similar to things I build myself. However, at its price with its sound and list of features, I absolutely couldn’t pass it up. It will fill an experimental gap for when I don’t want to sit in one place. Among other things. Plus, I’m a total sucker for state variable filters, wave folders, and FM. I’d be remiss not to get one. (MicroFreak)


The Stimming video is making me very interested. The touch keyboard and ‘pressure’ sensitivity look great, very musical.



Damn that Nick Batt. This thing looks really fun!


This. I keep edging closer to the preorder button …


Don’t look now, but the edge is back there.






This synth is very tempting as I’m looking to add a sub-$500 “analogue-ish” voice to my Digitakt and Digitone dawless rig.

I’m wondering:

  1. Does the microfreak output always mono via 1TS (even when playing pads and 4notes), so I can input monitor it via DT’s mono only inputs? Without Overbridge or DAW involved.

  2. Does the microfreak receive midi CC and program changes, so as to sequence it from the DT to DT’s fullest capabilities. I didn’t see a midi CC map in the manual. Maybe this can be configured in Arturia’s Midi Control Panel?

Knowing this would help avoid unboxing surprises. Thank you all!


The manual for the Microfreak is available online.

Mod Edit : Link to initial version of english manual


Anyone get their mitts on one yet?!


Just snagged one from Juno - there’s another one on the shelf if anyone’s keen.


Hopefully you’ve got some time to play then!

I’m very excited, but mine won’t arrive until next week (probably…?)


SsFirst impressions - sounds great but built and looks like a toy - very underwhelmed by the lightweight tacky, plastic vibe. In videos it looks amazing and appears solid, but be warned, if that kind of thing matters to you, you will be disappointed.

It’s nothing like the minibrute build - but looks like it might be because of the size and “family relation”.

Probably worth the cheap price just for the sound sources though.


How would you compare it to a Volca build?


A Volca has more “heft” cos it’s smaller and the batteries add weight - plus they kinda invented a new form factor with that range that kinda all fits together at the price point.

The freak looks like a mini brute but just feels cheaper coz of the construction and materials - but is roughly same price point - feels off.


Thanks. I’ve only ever held volcas, never touched any of the brutes. I’m ok with light machines these days, so thank you for your impressions.

Do the knobs seem sturdy? When he was younger my 3 yo loved to take the knob caps off of the Circuit and put them in his mouth. :frowning: but I think he would have fun with the responsiveness of the capacitive kB on te Microfreak :smiley:

I’m very excited to receive mine. Just going to have to wait until next week, I think!


The knobs are a bit wobbly but not alarming - you’re kid will definitely love the keyboard