Arturia MicroFreak


Man, the Microfreak and the Model:Samples would make an awesome portable jamming combo with lots sound possibilities and both have cool creative randomization of sequences, cant’t wait for all the probabilistic sessions!

With my octatrack, some cool loops to compliment them and some effects and a delay pedal on a send, you have a super powerwul and versatile live setup, if each preset can save its own sequence, this would be insane!

Anyway, just saying that I’m gonna be selling lots of stuff to get these two, seem like they’re really all you need


I totally agree! Don’t sell the Octatrack though! I feel like the Microfreak would provide an insane amount of material for the OT to work with. So much bang for the buck. These recent videos have been really enjoyable for seeing what can be done with it.


Myeah, interested, but I’d like to see a demo by someone who’s spend more than 5 min with it…


Oh I will not! :slight_smile:


Man are like that…


Youtubers are like that…


I just watched the SynthMania video linked above and whilst I don’t think I learned anything particularly new, it did further confirm my previous thoughts that this is a really interesting and nice sounding machine. I’m not so fussed about seeing what an expert can do with it as just the demos thus far and the explanation of features has me confident about what can be achieved with it.

As an aside… is it just me, or does SynthMania sound not so much like a Youtube channel as more like a serious of compilations CDs from the late 80s full of synthesiser covers of pop songs?


6 minute video #TSR19

I normally think of DivKid as a modular synther – but here he shows another side.

Good pairing the Arturia DrumBrute Impact with the μFreak. Two μFreaks together adds to the fun.

Even with all the gear here it still totals to less than $1000 USD.


Gotta say it seems like one of the better deals out there at this point… especially if you have ever had interest in a touch keybed and never wanted to drop 800$s on one. (I still have no clue why they would be that expensive other than small batch electronics.) The biggest shame about it seems to be the filter to me… SEM filters are my favorite and I feel like the spirit of the filter is just not there in this. Not to say the filter is bad it just seems not close to the SEM I know in any of the demos.


That’s a great wee jam… if there was more of this stuff at TSR I would probably have been less dismissive in the other thread. I got a Drumbrute Impact a wee while back partially on a whim as I saw a really good deal and I had some money in my paypal from selling some stuff and I’ve been really impressed by it. Really straight-forward, nice sounding and usable. With some well considered functionality. Pairs really well hear with the MF. And I have to say that this is one of the better MF videos too as they properly explore a whole range of sounds and textures.

I was really getting a bit bored by the number of videos which just explained what was all in it. That’s well established now - so great to go deeper.


That’s a nice Jam. The freak sounds lovely here.
And I like the hihats of the drumbrute


Whats that Grey Box with the Arturia Logo on the far left Side? Arturia Powerpack for the Microfreaks and Drumbrute?


Ordered one of these little fellows tonight. :smiley: It may have been the influence of the Irish Whiskey, but I think it will be an enjoyable little synth. I’ve really been enjoying things that are small yet powerful lately.


Good thing you weren’t on single malt scotch you might have bought a vintage moog instead…


good thing you weren’t on mdma or you might have bought a whistle…


Yes, I think we can all agree that the Irish Whiskey was the sensible choice. :wink:

I do love a good highland single malt though…


Beats me! Here’s a picture of that thing (or part of it):

Looked at the Arturia pages and can’t find anything like it. With it sitting right next to the μFreak it looks like it’s attached? Maybe not, but there’s plenty of desk space so not sure. If it is attached is it an unannounced μFreak accessory? It appears to be the same height as the μFreak. Is the cord attached a mains power or is it USB? An audio interface? NOT SURE!



I think I’ve seen it in one of the thomans thing videos … It’s a battery pack, the guy from arturia used to power the ufreak





So is the battery pack for the μFreak a product? Looks pretty small and would be a nice accessory.