Arturia MicroFreak


It could be he doesn’t like the implementation in the microfreak not necessarily touchplates in general…


I like that this one has a keybed…


Yeah, I think most traditional key beds in this price range are pretty much cheap, flimsy junk anyway… I think trying something different like this is a great idea… I’ve got plenty of keys to plug this thing into if I need them…


It needs something to program notes into the sequencer. Considering the price, it’d be most appropriate comparing this to something like the Korg Volcas, Modal Skulpt, or IK Uno imo.

Out of all these units, I’d say the Microfreak not only has a far superior sequencer, but superior implementation for the keys as well.


He complains about the lack of travel. A lack of travel shared by all capacitive keybeds, some of which he has professed love for in the past.
Is clickbait.
Is douche bag.

Not sure why I give a shit.
I don’t give a shit.
Guess it’s annoyance at the same old snobbery of gear people.
If it’s Eurorack, they love it. If it’s “budget” or mass market they turn their noses up.


I feel like if I buy this, then it would be endless jokes by my wife. “Awww, it’s so cute: a Micro Freak for my micro freak.”


Anderton’s have confirmed my Pre Order will arrive “on or around the 01/03/19” :joy:
I will believe it when I see it…


There is only one pretty ‘normal’ reviewer and it’s Nick from Sonicstate! But maybe we need to do reviews of synths a year later! I wish there were reviewers that actually tell the complete truth, including the flaws, quirks, omitted things, UI connection etc! Reviewers that actually make music, know synths/sounddesign, but that report from different views (have talked with different target users), I mean can’t compaire pure keyboardplayers, electronic ‘bedroom artists’, etc with what they need/expect.


That is superb, you’ve made my evening. He’s definitely a bit of a clown for hitting out with that nonsense… I’ll quietly enjoy snubbing him (with occasional bouts of mocking him elsewhere so he doesn’t get that sweet, sweet engagement)…


I’m going to be up in Glasgow on Saturday trying my best to resist the urge to pick-up a Volca Modular from Rubadub so I’ll be sure to quiz them on when they’re expecting them in when my willpower inevitably cracks… I’ll report back.


Loopop and Nick. My favourite reviewers. The Rest are below the level of their expertise.


There are others I sometimes enjoy, but there’s a lot of cheesiness, paid ‘reviews’ and whatnot to sift through. I’m not against these folks making a buck though. Knobs is very upfront if it’s a paid review


There is an Arturia “clinic” in 15 minutes, 15 minutes away from here. So I guess I’m not going.

I spent the afternoon sampling Plaits into Octatrack MKII and I prefer the continuous variability of the knobs instead of scrolling/clicking through presets. With a couple of LFOs it’s really easy to capture two-bar loops that have movement and animation for later slicing or resampling…

Gas averted…


Cuckoo is at the Thomann’s Synth Reactor, a special invite event for youtube video makers and synth lovers. He put this longish video together on the Arturia MicroFreak:

He’s just mucking about, the sort of thing someone might do just after opening the box.


Didn´t listen with headphones and maybe I should have but I didn´t get over excited about the sounds Mr C is pulling out.
I´m still very excited about the sequencer and the dice/spice thing though. Maybe another video is around the corner or maybe just a sequencer with the dice/spice standalone box…



Tried one at the Thomann thing, really liked it a lot.
I think it’s one of those synths you need to play for yourself to figure out whether you are into it or not.
(I was not that impressed until I got my hands and ears on it!)

Also I’d like to think they’ve taken some notes from our GUI design… Nothing wrong with that! :smiley:


I agree that Cuckoo doesn’t really make full use of the μFreak he is one of the fearless sort (like Gaz) who will make a video without first learning all the details of an instrument. As i said – what you do “just after opening the box”. He does the same thing with Arturia’s Pigments in this video, but this all sounds great to me, including the wrinkles. He spins off like ten interesting song fragments just using the factory patches, and never uses any of the deeper features in Pigments, like the modulators etc.

I think the μFreak is awesome anyways and i really am looking forward to the whole Freak line.


It definitely is still a synth that interests me a lot… but too many options these days. Really hard not to get sucked into the GAS merry-go-round if you’ll forgive my butchering of metaphors there.