Arturia MicroFreak


I wonder why this one doesn’t come as a module, without the stupid keyboard. Same for the mini- monologue family.


Looks ridiculous. I have Plaits anyway.




I have plaits too but this looks like this’ll get a lot of use as well. Instant fun, no cables, patch & sequence memory etc…

Not fussed about the aesthetic at all.

Guessing/hoping the sequencer/arp is also output by the cv/gate outs?


Yes hope cv is apr /sequencer as well.


Yeah it looks great. A progressive hybrid in all the good ways: innovation of modular with the benefits of a digital unified system (ie presets / future updates, mod matrix). Incredible digital voice /analog filter. Wild sequencer that also does cv out.

For relative peanuts.

EDIT: I could understand someone not needing the keyboard. But you have to admit that the Buchla/MPEesque interpretation is unique amongst current units like this.

And again at that price? Good lord.


I’m going to buy this but I hope it won’t be a dissapointment like with the first minibrute! After my third MB I finally got a decent working one! Arturia is known for shipping broken synths, bad quality control,… Hope they have learnt with time!
Or maybe I’ll wait and buy the minilogue xd first. Or maybe the pulsar 23 first. Or the volcas


I also have Plaits (and Braids) but will still gte this. For about the same cost as a Eurorack module you are getting Plaits + Arturia coded sounds (with more to come), and analog filter, a sequencer with some west coast random stuff, a pretty cool LFO and envelope function generator, matric etc - that’s a grands worth of Eurorack modules! Then you get a 2 octave poly AT keyboard with CV out (that’s another 500 bucks at least currently if you buy even a touch keyboard module such as … so all in all a very useful and unique little synth and controller!


If you state it like this, it’s a lot more attractive!

It’s still a clown of synth of course :clown_face:

Edit: would get it for sure without keyboard and in business colors :necktie:



Def covering that inverted Mutable caricature. It “triggers” me :wink:


It’s not like this, i think i saw only 7 modes of Plaits on the freak!!!


For now :sunglasses:

I wonder if they’ll open it like Korg did. I doubt it.


Yeah this thing is getting the black electrical tape as soon as it’s out of the box.


Maybe some legit MI decals.

Emilie should troll it with an available sticker at those measurements.

Course she’s above that. Still…


Yes, listed here:

They have already said there is lots of room for more engines/wavetables…

I think the Arturia engines make it more of a generally usable synth, there is a bit of ES340 in there as well I think :wink:

Precisely detuned saw, square, sine, or triangle waves let you create the fattest synth sounds around. Perfect for Trance and lush dreamy pads.

Synthesize your sound from 32 sine waves by modulating their volume. The clue is in the name, it creates harmonically rich, vibrant sounds which can be shaped with the filter.

A much-loved synth method using physical modelling to recreate the sound of string instruments, from soft pizzicato to screeching, zingy chords.

Scan through waveform snapshots to find new, unusual, and evolving sounds. It contains 16 wavetables to explore, with room for more in the future.


Can anyone figure out if it will respond to velocity when sequenced via midi, and if so whether it’s hardwired to vol or can be assigned to something else? Can’t see velocity in the mod matrix.


Had to order one. Worth the price already for keyboard/seq part!


Me too. I know the look’s a bit Marmite, but I like that it’s a bit wonky. Marmite’s yum too.


The PicoFreak


How much less expensive can it be though?

But actually i’m fine with the polyphonic aftertouch keyboard as is.
(And the possibility for MPE is for real.)


Perhaps some Monologue/MiniBrute module style mods will pop up for it.

I certainly don’t need another synth with keys on it, but the foot print on this one is small enough that it doesn’t deter me.