Arturia MicroFreak


Lose the keys and you lose the sequencer :frowning:

The combination of everything in the unit is what makes this appeal to me (and at this price/footprint). Looks super organic for happy accidents and auditioning different engines with different sequences and vice versa and so on. Arturia nailed this one…


The keyboard is great. Its actually based on a 18th century keybed.


Wonder if it’ll be reliable to play live, in a sweaty dark scenario? Hopefully will be ok with practice.


Playing forum catch-up and really pleased to see the early-doors marketing mixup was resolved amicably. I would’ve loved to have been in the Arturia staff canteen on Friday to see the dev team shooting daggers at the marketing folks who’re sheepishly pushing peas around their plates…

I’m sure I heard that due to improvements in electrics manufacturing that Electricians are using much less black tape these days and as a result the main reasons for sales are for covering nipples. I’m sure the electrical tape manufacturers are over the moon about this synth.

It’s definitely on my horizon too so can foresee that angled strip above the keys getting covered and I’m pretty sure I’ve got a MI sticker that I got with my Plaits that would cover the garish ‘Micro Freak’ logo on the back.

I’m presuming that the CV/gate outs on this will output from the sequencer too which will make this a pretty excellent sequencer for eurorack - in fact, for the cost of the fancier eurorack sequencer you could nab this.


I really like to use the keyboard & sequencer with my eurorack. That’s why I feel how this is dirt cheap for the features! If you’d like to get a touch keyboard for eurorack the options are:

Verbos (869 €)

Sputnik (549 €)

I had a Future Retro 512 (849 €) once but I had to send it back - the quality was awful:

Do the math!


Totally get where you’re coming from. I was keeping an eye on the new Teenage Engineering touch-keyboard and was hoping that there would’ve been more videos on it but, like you say, compared to the features of the MF and you’re not needing to break out the calculator to figure it out…


Not sure if the TE one has pressure sensitivity.

Just listened to some more demos of the Freak, it sounds really nice, but I can’t help thinking it looks like Grandpas accordian with all the peacocks and what not.




Can’t wait for the macrame version.


Arturia got the memo that the 90s are back in a big way among the youth.

Did no one here get the memo?

The 90s is all over Bushwick. My kids in Australia are 90s everything.

Not just Smashing Pumpkins 90s but Prodigy 90s.

I’m assuming that’s why they did a 90s style promo.

The 90s are back.


I wish decent raves came back as well.




Can’t get much freakier than the rather micro sized “Peacock Mantis Shrimp”… :smile:




That thing is pretty


Yes, I mean freaky in a good way… It’s waving its freak flag high… :smile:


The touch keyboard is a great feature from a sound design stand point.

Super-fast action for attacky/percussive stuff, the ability to slide your finger(s) around for gliss/hammer on/quick trills, poly aftertouch as a mod source and easy control of modular.

Interface is one of the most important things when making sound as what’s in front of you changes your ideas and your playing style.
Having another way to interact with sound at this price is a real boon imo.


I’m really sorry asking this dumb question, but where to get these modules exactly? Tried to google it and looked in their User Library, found some references in Michael Hetrick’s Euro Reakt pack and that’s it.

btw, there are m4l implementation of Clouds and Braids as well


Finally got around to watching some vids. In SonicState it seemed the mod matrix can do all four of the osc parameters. Wow.

And then Cuckoo for the sound showcase at the end. Double wow.


I’m not aware of all the Braids modes being available in the Reaktor UL but if they are I’d be keen to see. There is some Mutable code within EuroReakt but I don’t recall it as being necessarily Braids modes only. You have to open each individual Block and read it’s Help to know which take code (fully credited of course) from Mutable… there is also code from various things like Supercollider patches with various flavours of random etc. Plus, it’s always worth reading his Help on those Blocks as they are very informative.

As far as I recall there is something about those M4L incarnations which mean that they will only work on Mac. I discovered this after spending a couple of hours scratching my head trying to get them to work on PC… I should’ve RTFM’d.


I reckon the good people at Elektron are taking note of the reaction to this bit of kit, might mean those of us hankering for an updated MnM type jobby will get our wishes fulfilled in the not-too-distant future.