Arturia MicroFreak


Agree hey
All we seem to have done regarding every major synth / drum sampler release this namm is rip it a new one…unless any of us are planning on a degree in electrical engineering and taking said knowledge to start making synths, we should humble up…me included…

There is no synth illuminati to demonize here and we are sounding like babies…:roll_eyes:

We get a little too excited at christmas…


Support all digital/analog hybrid synths. Send a strong message to all synth developers of what we really want.


A synth maker we highly respect had a problem. We were on her side.


Agreed…and i was foaming at the mouth…then shooting of at the mouth…then read her humble, open, expanded statement and felt like i should take a leaf from her book…because i have a lot to learn and the comments made by MI seemed insightful. So im respecting her wishes. And should she want any support of any kind im in…but MI have spoken…and the request was…peace…

So peace it is…:heart:


A couple of key quotes from Émilie’s post on her own forum:

“I don’t feel wronged. It’s their product.”

"If you care about me, move on! I need a lot of strength and energy at the moment, and it should all be focused on finishing new products.

So please let Arturia enjoy their release party, it’s hard work to ship a product. Buy their product if you think you’ll have fun and make good music with it, don’t buy otherwise. Buy Mutable Instruments products (or the Softube clones) if you want to fund me, or build your own and give the money to charities.


Anyone have much experience on these PCB keyboards? I don’t but am intrigued to see how it makes one play differently.


Mod matrix is a very intriguing feature… Look at the value packed in as well:

  • two envelopes, one looping, variable shape
  • LFO, routable
  • multimode filter
  • pitch sequence and gate randomizer (this would be its own module)
  • etc. etc.

I’m looking over at my rev 1 Minibrute right now and it’s astonishing how far product design at Arturia has come in like 7 years.


I feel like Microfreak and Volca Drum would be a great little pair for $449. Lots of sound design potential there. Could also feed a sampler for years. I feel the GAS.

Ah, I see there are more oscillator sound examples on the “Details” page. Sounds great! I had missed that. Thought it was just one long page of product info. Strange intro video is still on the “Overview” page.


The one and only Cuckoo having a look at the MicroFreak …


MicroFreak, pulls ahead of the competition! I can’t wait for this thing…:laughing:


Aturia’s Freakin’ Family

Sébastian right at the start of the video at the start of this thread said that, “MicroFreak is the first instrument in the Freak range. It’s a new range for us.” So that’s definite then – you can clearly expect to see higher end Freaks.

Given that they released the two MiniBrute 2 fairly recently. Perhaps the next Freak will be something toward the higher end – maybe not to the MatrixBrute level, but at a price closer to two times the MiniBrute 2 level. Digital definitely lends itself to polyphony.

Also i wonder if this marks the beginning of the end to the Brutes? Or will there be two lines, an analog line, the Brutes, and a digital one, the Freaks?

So if they do keep the two lines, then perhaps the MiniFreak would be the next product.

So i’m a feeling slightly torn, do i grab the MicroFreak now, or wait a little and catch the next Freakin’ bus?

(Not looking for advice on this, but your own thoughts on this are good.)


Totally digging this and yes definitely looking forward to future Freaks


I really like this video, Cuckoo is always good, but the Arturia presenter here is especially helpful, going through some of the the user interface details, which i like. Good video.


Hold your brand of preference to good standards. Seems everything else will follow.


arturia will add more models in future update.


yeah - the ease of the slick mod matrix stuff took me by surprise and the added details on this and that really makes this exciting - it’s good to see the filter is can be sequenced - I’m a sucker for changing the engine per step - but this more than the other videos unlocked some of the possibilities - and frankly it sounds wonderful - screen is sweet af

I think people will say you could rack this next to that and feed it with this seq etc - but I doubt anything will be the same as the whole here - I think it looks like something I’d want to play all the time -in the way the Elektron Analogs experience just works

it’s only a minor point but I’d loved to have seen a pan on the output, especially to widen the paraphony, and even just a tiny bit of reverb hidden away in a menu - this with headphones looks like a joy … def most helpful video yet imo too


Apparently just £265 in UK according to rubadub. Amazing value for the money

Would it be possible to add oscillators to this in future updates?

Definitely getting one at that price


I have to say the features are really exciting for this price point. I certainly want to try it, especially since I sold plaits and my other modules recently.


It’s digital, so lots of stuff is possible – it’s a matter of what the processor can do and if there is room. And someone at Arturia to write/port the code.


In the sonicstate Video the Artutria guy says that adding of more modes is planned for the future


Really nice. Seems like in use it’ll have the same kind of quick, organic fun vibe as programming patches/sequences on op1. 4 knobs/multiple engines/fun sequencer/nice graphics/quirky overall design etc…reminds me of op1 in a bunch of ways. But with a load of depth also available too. Really well thought out instrument…

Wish it had fx but so much else there for the £. Excited to see what they add and also meet its big/little siblings… Definite purchase as soon as reports are in on any bugs or whatever.