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For sure. OT up the wahoo but a real convo.


Standing on the shoulders of giants.

Inspired creativity is different from imitation.


tnx for the perspective :slight_smile:


okay - Arturia etc etc


Since Arturia deleted the phrase “teamed up with” and the world “collaboration” from their website I think it’s time to slow down the (no offense) “drama queens & hobby lawyers” out there… :kissing_heart:
Mods please…

Let’s talk about the pros and cons of the product itself…


‘collaboration’ still there in a couple of places on my latest refresh…



Apologies are always appreciated. Good on Arturia.


This thread is so silly.

Nothing was stolen, there’s just a misunderstanding/misuse of the word ‘collaboration’. Arturia were probably trying to be nice by giving credit in that way “paid in PR”.
Emilé knew about the logo being used etc.

The vitriol is pointless, put something positive into the world instead. Spread the good word of MI rather than trying to tear down Arturia.

I’m (probably) going to buy one and play it in collaboration ( :wink: ) with an MI Elements in an attempt to make something for people to enjoy.


I consider the retraction / recognition positive?


Me too :slight_smile:


Is there a manual? Can you mod the waveforms?

EDIT: no evidence of either.


that, regardless and without communicating, assuming cause ur the more commercial party (in this case Arturia), gives u that right to just assume, is the arrogance, that a lot of niche or less commercial parties, suffer from.
The reality is also: u dont get paid in PR: u maybe have a peak in likes or visits: but most of the time it does not reflect on sales: iow they end up buying from Arturia…


Well I think if you are charitable, that is one interpretation, and the other is that their marketing department misrepresented the level of involvement from MI in order to sell more synths.

not exactly unusual, but it is unsurprising that people feel protective of someone who has been extremely generous in sharing their skills with the world, and continues to be so.

She’s said leave it though, and they’ve put it right, so now we’re just arguing about how people feel about this, which is probably pretty irrelevant in the end… but maybe fun.


Cring-o-meter out of charts


I‘ll try that move in my next liveset


Well it won’t be day one purchase. Lotta potential bugs in this one.


Arturia chiming in:


Oops - I know Guy from Edinburgh, he’s Cenk’s buddy . Unfortunate to learn some of those phrases passed his muster. He has a huge heart though, plus he’s Uber positive and amenable, so let’s move on.


I mean…you could just not use those phrases and cage? Must you? Is it absolutely necessary?