Arturia MicroFreak


That’s ludicrously cheap. They’re gonna sell these by the boatload. Sounds so good at the end of the cuckoo video!!


That’s a great question… I think I’m gonna get familiar with their engine by purchasing the Micro… So by the time the Mini comes out, I’ll be prepared…


was going to buy one until i found out about this. regardless of whatever agreement was reached, if there even was one, it’s disingenuous and reprehensible to market an instrument as a collaboration without the other party’s explicit permission to do so.


U catch up on the rest of the thread? There’s been a satisfactory resolution imo


oops lol guess i better do that :sweat_smile:

edit: well good, that’s probably as amicable and honorable as the situation could have gotten. moving on!


Shit, you read fast.


Sounds great !


I’ve got that full-time-copywriter scroll finger & lightning-fast eyeballs


Who was the guy in the video? He needs to chill out a bit.


if there’s anything about this instrument launch that we should all be irreparably offended and outraged by, it’s that video


It definitely deserves a lawsuit


There is a parallel universe where the only thing people like about this synth is that kick-ass video.

“Damn too bad this synth is nowhere as good as that video. That dude is genius.”


from what I can tell there doesn’t seem to be a noise generator. bit of a bummer considering how suitable this thing probably is for synthesizing drum/percussion sounds. shame to see no overdrive stage either, would be lovely for juicing up those harmonics even more.

edit: maybe a DrumFreak is in the pipeline???


Yeah maybe, but you can get wild enough sounds out of it anyway. I wouldn’t be bothered about noise source.


It’s a pity that this is the most interesting thing coming out of NAMM.
Interesting it is; but where are all the other manufacturers showing any edge?


Well the Behringer stuff sounds pretty dope.


Any word on a desktop freak?


And minifreak? :star_struck: although, micro is perfect as is


Looks like the filter envelope is tethered to AMP envlope settings


Haven’t looked at documentation, nor recall layout, but even if it was hardwired to Amp env - it would need to have a level which could be set to zero depth - then just use the other/lfo