Arturia MicroFreak


This seems to be an instant contender for NAMM winner. Cringey video.

Love the product, hate the presenter. Certainly better than the inverse of that(especially after last time…)


I’m reminded of Void/ Jakob Penca’s spray painted A4, in this moment:

Seriously hope that guy’s alive/ doing well. His absence has been felt.


Also interesting are a series of buttons above the keyboard using the same capacitive technology. Not sure on all the functions but it does include the Spice button and the Dice button. And the arrowy strip on the right – is that like a slider or something?

ADDED: The strip is pitch bend.


Matrixbrute is great too


Up to you mate. To me it’s just a graphic on an instrument. Couldn’t really care less about it. I find the behringer neutron hideous to look at but hasn’t stopped me considering grabbing one… but yeah, if enough people aren’t buying cos of the graphic I’m sure they’ll offer one without at some point :slight_smile:


Apparently they didn’t get Mutable Instruments’ permission to use their oscillators. Which is legal (I think?) because they’re open source, but still pretty shitty of arturia. Emilie’s comments on reddit:

Update: this is now resolved, arturia took note and reworded their site. Please read the rest of the thread before getting angry :wink:


i aint even mad at the video. it’s kind of cheesy but it’s different and at least something visually stimulating. I like the way it sounds in it too, and the nice little camera zoom ins on the hardware that transitions to the rendered line art. pretty slick


Isn’t it neat how we’re all different?


Oh WOW fck that.

Fine put them in cause open source but be low key about it not make it a selling point.

Whelp. Saved me 300usd.


Wtf :confused: Mmm.




Wow. Not a good look…


Yeah or at least say ‘we’ve dug in to the open source from Mutable Instruments and put it in our synth’. Not imply it was a legit team collab. This is gonna haunt them…


Yeah not sure how they though they were gonna get away with this one, ‘mutable instruments’ is all over the advertising for this thing


I don’t know what oliviers code is on likeness rights but I’m sure he could Def go far in court on that.


Looks like an interesting package to me. Want.


this isn’t cool by Arturia. Feels strange because of the french connection. I wonder what “paid in PR” means.

Like if he was notified and signed something so he can be paid for having MI branding attached, or if all he got was free advertising in exchange


The latter. Not that he agreed to it.


I guess if it wasn’t all over the abvertising then people would be all, ‘they’re being really lame letting people think it’s their own algos’. But clear, full transparency on the (non) extent of the ‘collab’ was surely a no-brainer. Massive PR fail. Rep instantly trashed. Congrats Arturia!

Damn. From selfish POV I’m pretty torn on purchase now :confused:


Arturia says: our partners at Mutable Instruments. on their web-site.

There must be more to the story here.