Arranger Tips

No. I use Samplitude for audio editing to prepare samples, or quick mastering.
Don’t know Reaper.

Not as far as I am aware.

I’ve discovered other interesting stuff instead.


Hey everyone, I know this has been discussed previously but wanted to resurrect… I think the arranger mode is a really powerful tool but for me two things make it pretty much redundant for live use.

  1. no prog change message to simply play the next line of the arranger with an external controller (or even a 1 button press on the OT itself).

  2. Double stop sends pointer back to start. This is inevitable live and completly messes you up whilst performing.

Ive messaged elektron but was fobbed off with the usual “the code is maxed out bs”. Followed by a massive (amazing) update. Adding a single prog change message for the next the line of the arranger would make this so useable live but instead I’ve had to do loads of convoluted work aroundd with ableton, which cause various annoying clocking/midi issues. such a shame.

Anyway rant over, ha ha.

Arranger follow SPP (Song Pointer Position), allowing to play any step of an arrangement. Possible to send SPP from Ableton if I read/remember correctly. I experimented it, possible to select and play rows with SPP.

From OT, out of Arranger Edit : choose row with arrows, press Yes to play that row.
2 buttons.

Don’t know what to say if you can’t do a single Stop…Press Play? (Pause), use external midi ?

Possible to program Arranger to stop with HALT.

Tips over. :content:

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The point is I don’t want to use ableton, as per my comment.
It is ridiculous to have to setup a whole daw to send a simple next message.
I want to be able to send a program change via a midi controller like a kieth mcmillan to just move to the next row.

Im doing a lot of other things live and need my hands for more interesting things than pressing down and yes.
I want to use my key step or other controllers with one push to move on. The tiny buttons on the OT are way to macro to use constantly live, when playing other instruments etc…

Many other people have complained about the double stop issue. When I’m doing a lot of other stuff in a stressful live situation in the dark, it is super easy is to press a button twice by mistake. It is also reasonable to want to make sure a track is hoi g to stop in front of an audience and the instinct is to press more than once to make sure.

Sure. Possible to send SPP with a controller and a midi processor.
SPP messages with midi controller? - #31 by sezare56

I’d also like more midi control (program changes are already used for pattern changes). !

Some people complain of the risk to press record accidentally.

Now we’ve got tempo per pattern I’ve pretty much stopped using the Arranger. Turns out that was mostly what I needed. Instead of remembering track mutes I now capture the OT’s output into a BlackBox, over as many bars as it needs to be, Much easier and faster.


Thanks, can the spp message be a ‘next row’ message? Not sure if the Keith can send spp, will have a look.

I’ve set it up previosuly to send to specific patterns but this isn’t making use of all the great stuff you can do with the arranger.

Yes, I’ve made a request to elektron and all they say is the code is maxed but then are able to impliment loads of far more complex updates.

The tempo update is welcome but the arranger has a lot of other functionality that is useful to me. Making use of less patterns with more variation and ultimately being able to seq arrangements, so I can do some other stuff live.

I briefly looked into a black box as poss solution a couple of years back but not really familier with what it does?
For me I’m trying to keep the midi / seq all in OT and keep it simple and streamlined, I’ve had too many issues /conflicts using ableton and OT together and also trying to limit complex set up live.

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No, it’s an absolute time position. Would be more appropriate to start a new song, after an halt.

Yes, they optimized the code. New improvements are possible, so maybe it worth to ask again…

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Ok thanks that does sound useful if using ableton but I’m trying to avoid having a daw/multiple seq live.

That’s good to know re code, I’ll ask again.

Well, I’m all for simplicity, which is why I tend to capture my OT performances into the Blackbox rather than faff with the Arranger. I’m old and lazy so if I can hit record, perform something, knowing it will be captured exactly as I did it, I get the job done quicker.

Makes sense, I’d just prefer not to add another device for what I’m trying to achieve. Got a lot of other odds and sods to deal with re performance. Eurorack, guitar, vocal/looping… The arranger does exactly what I need, just frustrating it can not receive a simple next row message.

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Totally get it. I only learnt the Arranger in the first place because I could never remember what tempo anything should be. :slight_smile:


So, now that we can have tempo per pattern, I have an empty arranger just sitting there and it would bring me so much joy to be able to just keep notes in it that I can look up at any time. Like that would be so ridiculously handy. Has anyone figured out a way to do this?

I just experimented with using LOOP. It won’t let you set a loop row with an empty arrangement, but you can set a loop row for a bunch of REM rows. This stops the arrangement from ending and so rudely stopping whatever pattern is playing, BUT: Whenever the arranger is active it will only loop 32 steps of the current pattern! Tried using JUMP back to back with LOOP, but no dice.

Might plead to Elektron support for this, as it would be SO useful to keep project notes in the OT, and I feel like it could be possible to squeeze in? Anyone else really want this?

What do you mean by “Notes” @Merv?

You can use [ REM ] rows to keep notes in; but they are limited to 15 characters; so you’re not exactly going to be fitting War and Peace in there.

I’d honestly just advise investing in a notebook :wink:

Three things that would be really handy for me at this point. I already use the arranger for 1 & 2 with older projects that I haven’t migrated to tempo per pattern:

  • Part/Song names with Bank/Pattern numbers. Would be great to be able to look these up any time.
  • Relevant patterns for my SL20 pedal. There are 50 patterns, only selectable using knobs. I keep records of ones for particular songs using notations like 3/5 for bank 3 pattern 5.
  • DIR settings. I use a CUE -> C/D fx loop, but only some parts use a thru or live recording flex to sequence C/D. Would be great to be sure of which use these before switching parts to avoid screwing up the fx loop output.

I have several notebooks. Having a dedicated per project one on OT’s screen just makes so much more sense. As mentioned, I already use the arranger to keep notes in older projects, but opening it always feels like a race to find what i’m looking for before an unwanted pattern change kicks in.

example very useful REM row: B05Hermit 3/5 D

Hey all, on the Digiboxes, in Song mode, mutes are immediately executed [meaning, you always hear only the unmuted tracks] which means it’s super fast and spontaneous to build a song.

On the Octatrack, in Arranger mode, changing mutes does nothing [audible] until I hit stop - play - stop - play (just stop - play does nothing either, double stop moves to the beginning of the song).

Am I doing it wrong? @.@

Not used in a while but something sounds wrong there. Sure someone will chime in

Didnt realise you had a Octa or is it a new addition :slight_smile:

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I’m currently evaluating the Octatrack again in regards as a Midi Sequencer (previously just as a Sampler), because of the multiple LFOs and ratchets for Midi. I’m evaluating it also against Hapax and maybe Oxi. I have all three here at the moment :wink: