AR Bugs thread

So found my first bug on the AR OS.

If editing the non volume velocity mapping on a drum voice and I try to change it to anything other than filter cut-off (the default) it glitches the screen and I have to back out using the “no” key. Sometimes this will crash the entire machine and leave it with a frozen screen and none of the buttons or knobs responding.

Not a big thing as I don’t need the feature desperately right now but hopefully fixed in the first maintenance update.

I posted this in another thread. Think it is a bug… If I set the tone of a sample to maximum, that sample is not affected when in chromatic mode.

Also, sounds are not track specific, which means I can brows kicks and snares when on a CH or OH track. If I choose a kick sound the display shows ‘error’. Maybe not a bug but it would be nice with track specific sensitivity when browsing sounds.

Well the manual says its supposed to filter loadable sounds by selected channel, so Id put that in the “not implemented yet” list.

How do I find the Sound Manager in other sounds, except snares and kick drums?
When I’m on track 8 (HT8).

I think this was on one of tracks 1-4.

Set the filter fully open, lowpass filter mode, apply the envelope. Ooops, seems like high pass filtering!

Can anyone verify this? Should be reproducable on any track since the filter section is the same on all tracks.

when i try to set note-overrides with chromatic mode the synth-trigger gets disabled

Yesterday when i play with Performance mode my AR froze…
I rebooted and all was ok…
Dont know where was the pb

I think i had a similar problem but wasn’t sure if it was user error.
There was a weird behavior with env + lpf.
I will test this after work.

I can verify the filter envelop issue. It has actually tripped me up a few times. You might want to check for this if you feel your kicks somehow feel weakish… :wink:

I am also only able to locate snare and kick sounds for all tracks.

AR OS 1.01 online ! hope it will correct few bugs

Live Recording of retriggered notes still not possible or am i missing something ?

Just to make sure, only 32 presets (bd/sd) available atm ?

Just to make sure, no prelistening of samples atm ?

Not complaining at all, just need a confi that its not only me…

Yes the bug I listed above is now resolved in 1.01. Velocity can now be routed to anything as a modulator.

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Strange. The AMP envelopes works fine on my AR after the 1.01 update.

Strange. The AMP envelopes works fine on my AR after the 1.01 update.[/quote]
I think it’s not working on some machines, like the hihat/cymbal machines.

My findings
[li]Reverb volume too low[/li]
[li]Can’t acknowledge with pressing the encoder, for instance when choosing an lfo destination[/li]
[li]Compressor is a little noisy, even with mix completely to the left[/li]
[li]Adsr does not work on some machines (hats.for instance)[/li]
[li]Can’t load samples from +drive directly on a track[/li]
[li]Can’t preview samples from +drive in sample manager[/li]
Still very useable of course, and a big achievement for getting the os as stable as it is on the release date for such a complex project!

Even if you have Synth/DEC set to 127 does your Atk not do anything?

Nope, just tested on the open hihat, nothing

Nope, just tested on the open hihat, nothing[/quote]
Ok, for what it’s worth. working ok for me on 1.01 and a first shipment machine.

This amp issue might be something that is only triggered occasionally just as the infinite bass tom issue I reported in another thread.