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Fiddled some more, and indeed got the amp adsr working occasionaly. Havent figured it out fully but i think it has something to do with the hold param. When set to auto it behaves strange.
Also the reverb is hipassed alot by default, lowering the hipass on the verb made it much more audible.

^ yep, same here, but i guess this will be sorted with coming updates

I think the ADSR is functioning as intended though, but it does not retrigger. When a decay or release param is set to full, the env will stay open forever. Shorten them and you’ll get more expected behaviour. A retrigger option on the envs would be really nice.

Has anyone else noticed that when playing the pads manually sounds that share a voice does not always silence the other sound?

Play the cymbal and then the cowbell immediately. Play the cowbell once again. The ring out of the cymbal is audible.

If I play the cymbal and let it play the whole of the sound and then the cowbell this is not a problem.

On the manual, page 34 it states:

*Q.START Starts the retrig at a set quantization point synchronous with the sequencer (OFF,
1/16, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 1/1).

I don’t have that option.

the two biggest problems im facing are : ADSR doesn’t work at any of the tracks and the compressor is too noisy even when the mix is set completely to the left…I updated it to 1.01 but nothing changed… WTF?

After 2 nights of trying everything, I have successfully loaded ONE sample into the AR.
I cannot load any more, it doesn’t matter what I try. Please fix the sample handling, after using and getting used to the OT, this is becoming a real hindrance. I’m left thinking that my AR may be defective ? But then, how to explain that I did succeed in loading one, lonely sample ?

EDIT : as of today, sampling transfer is successful. I haven’t done anything different, except there has been a few restarts of the AR and my computer. I’m thinking it may have to do with which order you turn on the devices ? It’s the only explanation that seems to make sense. In any case, I’m now happy with sample transfer, and the fact that it keeps names intact.

Now for the bugs I still encounter :

  • I have had the AR freeze a few times when hitting Yes/Save + Track.
  • The BT has infinite decay when played chromatically in the higher octaves (yellow pads)
  • sometimes, live recording of parameters writes trigless trigs with the correct info, but leaves the already existing trigs un touched. Very strange.
  • unable to lock certain parameters to scenes, eventhough I haven’t maxed it out (I may be understanding that limitation wrong, however)
  • Amp enveloppe Attack parameter having no effect on the sample

That’s it for now, I’ll try to get more details and reproduce those, but still in exploration mode so it’s a bit difficult to retrace steps :slight_smile:

anyone else had a problem backing up kits / patterns via USB to C6 ( Win7Pro/64) ?

My AR has pads that don’t work properly, so it’s going back to Sweden today to be swapped for a replacement machine… Nontheless I still worked on some pretty cool patterns over the last few days & thought I’d back them up to load into my new machine - no joy, nada. The AR says it’s sent successfully but C6 just sits on ‘receiving’ - which always turns out to be 0 bytes in the end. Never had a problem with C6 with either my MD or MnM…& I know it’s working the other way round, as C6 sent the OS upgrade (1.01) successfully to the AR & I’ve got C6 configured properly - it’s seen as the incoming & outgoing MIDI device on both my laptop & in C6.

Keplinger wrote
How do I find the Sound Manager in other sounds, except snares and kick drums?
When I’m on track 8 (HT8).

That’s strange because i can access to any sample i have in any of the 12 track/pad… I just have to select it in my folders in the +Drive and Load to Project (SoundPool) and it’s working very Great !
The only thing i find weird is you can set incoming folder, or create other directory and upload sample ? But where interface say the space left / available ? Firstly, like the Analog Four i thinking the +Drive reflect it you know (256) and after uploading (143) but in fact, it appears, a sound is a saved preset of a mix of synth and a sample (or empty) and that’s will be in +Drive sounds. It make sense ! But how much sample we can upload, is there a gauge ? how much capacity we have ? we simply don’t know that.
Or i miss something…

[li]It appears i can’t (or not find how to) record RETRIG in Live Mode[/li]
[li]It appears we can’t TAG samples on the +Drive (Can’t Auditioning too)[/li]
(So we better to organize on 128 samples folders so it should be easiest to load from a blank project, TAG it and unload it. I Hope TAG is preserved when unloading the samples from the active project)[/ul]

I found an other BUG a big one where the AR have a fatal error like a blue screen, just fro zed and no way to do something unless to switch off, i think it’s when dealing with function + Mute/sounds when the AR play but i’m not sure, i have this problem twice, the third i wrote what’s happen and what i did…

Are you sure it’s not the reverb dealing with the signal ? because for me it cut, so it working properly

When live recording param changes, sounds get triggered on the trigless trigs.

not sure if this goes in as a bug or something i haven’t come across on the manual: when selecting either song or chain mode, the LEDs will, as expected, switch between the two modes but if the button of the selected mode is pressed again, the LED goes off :expressionless: things is, it doesn’t seem to do anything …

Has anyone else had problems with the LFO suddenly just not working? Like one minute you’re tweaking it then it just turns itself off and won’t come on again until you reboot?

in mute mode a couple of pads are not flashing when the track are trigged. i can hear the sounds but the pads won’t flicker…

Sometimes you click on Function + Mute/Sound and the Machine Frozed… no way to do anything, force to switch OFF/ON

Are you sure it’s not the reverb dealing with the signal ? because for me it cut, so it working properly [/quote]

Yes, very sure. After this has happened, I can play the cowbell as many times as I want and the cymbal ring is there.

strange. i have not the same effect here. on mine it’s cut purely and simply

Hi, this is the the biggest issue I’ve had with the AR so far.

Some times, very often in fact, when I push “play” the sounds of BD1 and SD2 won’t sound the way they should.
Some times you can only hear the “noise”, some times another part of the sound, some times you can barely hear it, it’s a bit random. The CP4 have the same behavior…

I have to push “stop” and “play” again several times until everything gets going again…

I encounter the same kind of problems when I move a trig backwards or forward (or using micro timing) depending on its position it won’t sound the same way, even if there’s not another trig close to the one I’m editing.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but to be honest, I would say that it has something to do with the Amp envelope having a bug…

Another problem that has happened to me, is when changing from one pattern to another pattern with another kit, the AR can make a big noise that goes away slowly (it can last for 3 or 4 seconds I would say) and then you can hear the new pattern playing.

…For the moment it seems not possible to use the machine in a live configuration, the sound is just to random…

Is there a second page where the env is selectable to either lfp or hpf or both?

New OS update Guys OS 1.01B available since today :

Essentially BUG FIXES :
List of changes from OS 1.01 to 1.01B
[li]Chromatic sample playback could not be disabled. Fixed.[/li]
[li]Intermittent sample replay problem on track RS/CP fixed.[/li]
[li]General spurious sample triggering problem fixed.[/li]

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