AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


More Scene Parameter Locks! :pray:

12 locks is so few compared to the Octatracks near infinite number of Scene locks (At least I have never hit the limit on the OT).




Wow, that is a lot!


“Control All”!

Should be simple to implement. Just hold TRK key and twist a knob.
Now we even have this on the new Model:Samples.

(Control All changes the same parameter on all other tracks)


I’ve had the Mk2 for a few days now and it’s totally blown me away. I had the mk1 before it and although I liked it a lot for drums, I never really used it for anything else. The better screen, sampling and dual VCO have made me fall in love all over again. That being said, there’s still some things I would like to see added. I’m assuming these have already been suggested before. These are just my thoughts after having been unable to put my unit down this weekend.

The first one is somewhat improved sample playback. I’m currently using the cowbell track as workaround for getting fine control over sample start and end points. I load any sample of choice into the CB slot, resample it and then use the super nice waveform zoom to get the exact start and end points I want. I’d prefer it if I was able to do this from the sample page itself though.

Related to the last point, I’d like to see the screen used more on the Mk2. The Mk2 Analog Heat got improved visuals, so I don’t see why the Analog Four and Rytm Mk2 shouldn’t. Filters, envelopes, maybe even waveforms? I don’t know why, but seeing those little envelopes move around the screen on my digitone is extremely satisfying.

My ‘wish upon a star’ feature would be some form of MPC style sample chopping. I’d imagine using chromatic mode to play different sections of a sample instead of chromatically pitched samples. Having to program in start and end points works, but it’d be so much fun to chop and play it on the pads instead. Would probably be difficult for them to implement, but one can dream.


Yeah some fine adjustment of start and end points would be very very helpful.
I hope we’ll see more great updates for the AR.


I would love mid sequencer output, besides that the RYTM is very good drum machine. Allowing that Dual VCO really made it nearly a one stop shop.


Direct change (swap) of pattern and kit upon receiving program change message from external sequencer, not waiting for it to cue another pass at the pattern. This bug makes the sequencer useless in my opinion.


I’d really like to see the performance macros as destinations for the control inputs, would open up a lot of possibilities for mangling.
Oh and changing the control destinations when changing patterns would be neat as well, since it’s kinda broken, but that is more of a support issue.


Additionally, it would be nice if control inputs were given priority. At present, if there’s a control input modulation that conflicts with a performance macro pad (or scene) that’s been engaged, the control input modulation will cease to sound. (At least for my particular use case, this would be ideal, but I appreciate it’s not the same for everyone.)

100% ^this.

Especially considering the control inputs still don’t behave as they should the few times they do function, I’d tried to use a duplicate kit, with control input modulations assigned, to direct jump to when I wanted things to go haywire, but they rarely update upon kit switches. :man_facepalming:t3: (Honestly, all of this together has lead me to not use them at all — which is hysterical, as it’s the only reason I was interested in upgrading.)


Pattern mutes, yes please :pray:
Allow muted pads to be saved in patterns! I want to be able to use the AR without song mode in order to have complete control and muted pads in following patterns would make this so much easier and allow for much more variation. Then you could manually unmute pads to introduce other drums/beats when needed.


Y, i would love that too. I tell you my workaround:
I make a performance control, where i turn the volume down, on the selected sounds, i want to introduce, then when i switch pattern, i blend in the additional drums with the performance macro.

Thats all good and fine, if i do jams solely on the RYTM, if i need to control 3 other devices, its not practical any longer. Then i would recommend to do it with a mixing desk, and have control over everything.


Sure +1!
But also more workarounds:

Scenes can be a workaround too, you can save your kit with a scene active that mutes several tracks volumes and have other scenes available that unmute them, or flipped around save the kit with track volumes down and have scenes to bring them up…

This might help for some cases:
You can enter song mutes into a chain or even one pattern without using song mode. In mute mode, hold down chain and the pads will turn yellow, whichever ones you press will be muted on the next play of the pattern, no other patterns will be affected but if using a chain you can enter different mutes for each pattern in the chain. Back in mute mode the pads to get muted will be half bright green. They will dissapear when you leave that pattern or chain, however you can store them in a song and access the pattern or chain from there…

Edit: Deja Vu… :smile:


Individual Tempo Multiplier per track, like the octatrack would be nice!


ability to use an internal AR track as a Sidechain Source (like the SCS parameter on the Digitakt compressor) for the compressor.

the sidechain filter is really not sufficient if you want an AR bass drum to duck a bassline that overlaps the BD on the frequency spectrum.

if the digitakt has it, the AR really should have it too. AR is the “flagship drum machine”.

the significantly cheaper TR8S also has a sidechain compressor.


When browsing the samples of a track, if I highlight a blank slot - it would be nice to be able to press the > arrow key and be taken to the page where I can add a sample to the Project. The Digitakt does it that way and it is very convenient.


function + yes should do that :slight_smile:




Those are both digital where duplication and splitting of the audio sources is a code task not a hardware task. You’d need every track to have a tap that sends to a sidechain input for the compressor.


All i would like to be added is the high pass filter kinda thing on sample page on a BD engine) that’s all)