AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


+10000 Can we PLEASE have this and if no, can we PLEASE get a explanation? Thanks


It doesn’t look like Elektron appreciate such drum machine functions as step loop… Even the Volcas have step jump so it’s not like it’s hi-tech…


yes! this is a good one, the amp env has nice sweet spots but can get a bit jumpy in the lower values


I don’t remember if I’ve already said this yet or not, but the next thing I’d like to see Elektron do is just get all the existing features that are already on the AR2 where they function properly and where the machine doesn’t freeze up. That and maybe the next OS update they release can resolve issues without creating just as many new ones.


I’d like to see the overdrive algorithm changed slightly. It would be far more useful to have have the first 50% of the knob be progressive compression/limiting that turns into overdrive after 12 o’clock. As it is currently implemented, the overdrive kicks in to extreme mode well before the knob position reaches 9 o’clock, after that is gabber territory. :slight_smile:


Yep. Your suggestion sounds rad but I guess it’s impossible to implement.


Faster envelopes (Like Digitakt or Digitone)


I’d like to request something that seems like it would be relatively easy to implement, and that is saving and restoring the tempo with Yes+Tempo and No+Tempo button combos. That way you could do a retardando or stretto at the end of a section and quickly bring it back when the next part kicks in.

I’m not going to mention how much better it would be if there was a tempo track that you could put trigs on :slight_smile:

Edit: Silly me, I forgot about Func+Tempo to suddenly jump to certain tempo. That’s actually good enough.


I believe the overdrive is analog, so the only way to change it is a circuit redesign



as new machine for BT, LT, MT, AT.

DualVCO was a killer update. Unfortunately it’s only for the beefiest channels. And kick, snare and clap are pretty essential and indispensable.

But I have fallen in love with creating basslines with the Rytm, so I would love to have a single oscillator synth on the tom channels. Imagine the possibilities…:heart_eyes:


i’ve been using the Bass Tom for my basslines and i second the motion. any new machines would be great


THIS, oh yes please


To the best of my knowledge, the toms are all based on resonant filters to attain the classic sounds - there is no Oscillator in the sense you are looking for to repurpose - therefore this is basically a pipe dream

The bottom row has by far and away the most flexible voice circuits - the simplest is probably the Tom row, the voice circuits are fixed, so the developers can only use what’s there on the board


RE dvco / bottom row.
personally never really likes the snare on the rytm, other then for FM weirdness.
so basically i just use snare and clap samples.
i dont use the tom track really now that there is the DVCO. so i put the samples on those channels.
plus samples in the CY and CB channels.
so then the kick is normally a kick. and then i get 2 dvcos. and a choice or rim or clap. but for me i i always set the snare channel up as a dvco at this point.


The ability to save tempo per song.


Pearl syncussion circuits x 2
With ABCDE etc modes
Just be larvely, sure it would be possible…




Still, if those filters can track as little as 2 octaves and give me a sine wave I will be doing more with those 4 channels than I am now


good idea


truuu i i mostly use the toms channels for sample or white noise they dont sound the best toms TBH