AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


can we have the reverb from the Model:Samples. It’s much nicer.


@wickfut, Putting the distortion post reverb get some interesting results. You may try.


cheers. it does sound much better distorting the reverb.


Well that definitely depends on what you want. I just noticed that I already had reverb set to Post in Dist page and when switching it to Pre I’m hearing the reverb much more (Dist Amt set to 0)


Setting reverb to pre puts it though compression too and that does a lot especially when you tweak the settings…

The presets project I believe has the “legacy fx send” option enabled (does in my MK1) which was a lower fx send on earlier os’s… You can toggle it off in the sound settings for voices…

If you start a new project it should have the legacy box unchecked by default project wide which give you a stronger fx send…


The MS verb still sounds better though, here it is set at flat/default with decay set to just under infinity, or 127.


Also - for those concerned by the wowness of the AR reverb, ensure that the Legacy Fx Level box is unchecked - i find it is all too easily appearing on, i guess depending on how well you manage sounds/kits/projects etc - that only concerns the volume rather than the algorithm


In case you didn’t know, using projects started before the legacy send option have it checked by default project wide, projects started after that update have it unchecked by default project wide…
Unless you load sounds with it checked…


and that’s the annoying thing

but it’s a piddle in the ocean compared to the Aftertouch having Filter +16 (or 18) on every single freqing sound (and as a default no less) - i just do not get this, the biggest annoyance possible if you work with filter based sounds (sadly the steppy reality of aftertouch just makes it unbearable as well as intrusive from a sound design perspective) … argh

Feature request : zero filter afterouch assignment value from default/cleared sound


Just save your +drive sounds again with it unchecked? Unless your using old and new projects I guess…
Yeah that Aftertouch one gets me too!


Thanks to both of you for highlighting this!!
I had completely forgot about that menu tucked away there. Still got lots of exploring to do.


Sound settings are where aftertouch and velocity mods live! :slight_smile:


To load a sample from the +drive back into the slicing buffer without having to re-record it


Once again - for the love of God, please let us save tempo settings in Song mode. It blows my mind that this isn’t an option on a $1400 drum machine.


I had no idea about this, thanks!!


It would be great if holding down YES + SAVE PROJECT would save the project immediately using the same name and slot for the project, in the exact same way the YES + SOUND or YES + KIT is a shortcut to save the sound or kit, how come the project doesn’t also behave this way?


I would love it if Elektron would implement the following feature:

  1. Enable this feature in settings or make it default
  2. Anytime you switch from an existing playing pattern, to a new pattern which is EMPTY, then the previous pattern which was playing and the attached kit should automatically be copied and pasted into the new EMPTY pattern so that you can continue working and modifying.

Or is this already possible with scratch pads and I am misunderstanding how to use scratch pads to achieve this same functionality?


(I have RTFM)


It’s not aleady possible as you describe however you can copy/paste the pattern or any pattern to any location before or without switching patterns…


Been mentioned before, but a couple of scales would be great. 12 pads is a bit low for playing melodies when the pad layout is chromatic.


Dude…This bothers the hell out of me…
Manually change tempo on the fly?? Its a bitch