AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


You can achieve this with the PRE feature, that is if I understand what you mean


How about some new sound packs for the AR/AR2?


DT style Sample LENGTH (option!)


Would be nice to have it as an option, to keep some compatibility with older projects / packs.

Just a box to tick in the Kit menu, similar to the “legacy fx send” box.

“Legacy Sample Length” checked to use the current style Start/End.
Unchecked to use a DT style implementation.


It’s more like this, with an 8 step patten length. You could put a conditional subsequence on trig 3, which is its own sub pattern. Then as the main pattern gets played, every time it hits trig 3, it plays the trig from the trig 3 sub-sequence (maybe sub-pattern would be a better name)


(i may not be completely serious here)


It’s similar to Monomachine’s SID arpegiator


That would be great!


a few ways you can currently achieve similar behavior to what you’ve described:

  1. as mentioned, use PRE to have steps after 3 trigger when 3’s condition evaluates to true. they would each have their own (micro)timing of course

  2. set up 3 to retrigger so there are n # of substeps occurring between 3 and 4 when 3 evals to true

  3. put a one-shot half square wave (or whatever) LFO on 3 with a duration and a fade-in that would affect the subsequent steps only in a way that you want them to differ (maybe a sample lock or a filter cutoff level or a sample tuning value) when 3 evals to true


zwoV3zH that is a really good post man, thanks


I have a request : Transfer App for the Mk1 already. Independent of Overbridge (that is still “coming soon”) and without a new OS update that will almost certainly be buggy because of attempts to make it work with Overbridge.

Since SDS Drop works already I don’t see why Elektron cannot release a transfer app that works on the current OS. I’ll even pay for it so long as I can download the installer and save it on my machine, not “license” the app from the Apple store.


all thanks to elektron for designing such insanely flexible sequencers.


I know its been said many times however I suggest we keep doing so until it happens…

Overbridge drag and drop samples PLEASE!!


Maschine has dedicated track buttons…


more LFOs please! 2 per voice. i’m hoping they are just digital.
and a smoothed out random LFO shape.


Do you guys think there’s a chance that with the new OS (or a future OS), sampling will look more like the Digitakt? I’d love to be able to put a start and end marker on a sample and have granular sampler type of playback where you can loop forward to back ,etc


Doubt it. But I guess the loop point knob could replace the loop switch, and just be off at 0.


I would definitely hope so, don’t see why it would be difficult to implement. I actually hope for internal resampling more and hope that MKI will follow MKII in terms of update, don’t see why not, unless of course Elektron just doesn’t want to do it.


Internal resampling requires a tap into the output, which is something the MK1 hardware doesn’t have I thought. It’s a physical impossibility to resample (???)


been confirmed its impossible and not happening for MK1.


Consider getting bitwig. You can send LFO’s to overbridge that way. Eternal LFO’s per track :smile:


you could do that with live and M4L. i just don’t use overbridge.