AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


Why would you need overbridge for that?


A one osc machine ?


i guess i already wrote it down here:

Scenes in song-mode, like the mutes but in this case: scene/un-scene

so one can concentrate on the performance-buttons


In scene mode i would like to trig the sample, it can be a killer slice mode!!


because in Overbridge every parameter of the RYTM can be midi mapped. Hence unlimited LFOs if you choose


What about plain old midi cc’s?


how would Max4Live “see” the parameters though without a software interface?


Look at the midi implementation chart of the Rytm and manually choose / set the right cc in m4l.


hmm not sure if its possible (but well could be) … load a M4L LFO for example and click on “map” button, its expecting u to click on a parameter. Don’t know of a way to map to a specific CC number by manually entering it… hmm


Scene or Performance Triggs will be killer rythmical feature for fills and so


Depending on the version you use you can set the cc by opening the device with the little > sign00.

  1. As mentioned by others here I would really like to see Pattern mute mode like on the Digitone.
    It would be great to have muted pads saved with each pattern!

And as @Blip said:" Could even have this as an option so you can have both mute behaviours."

  1. I think it would be very handy for live performance if the Retrig feature would start synced to the beat.
    Of course it does trigger synced to the beat but it can be started anytime which makes it hard to start it synced.


Depending on how you use kits, SCENE mode can provide a superset of pattern mutes.


Right but then 16 scene locks are used up for that. I don’t want that since I use the Scene mode a lot.


Or is there something else to this that you care to share?


Not the same but in case you didn’t know you can enter song mutes into a chain or even one pattern. In mute mode, hold down chain and the pads will turn yellow, whichever ones you press will be muted on the next play of the pattern. You can set these different per pattern in a chain and they will stick as the chain repeats, works on one pattern too…
Back in mute mode the pads to get muted will be half bright green…


I’d just like to see proper sample transfer and backup, after 3 and a half years doesn’t seem too much to expect.


Thanks Open_Mike I do know this is possible though I havn’t used the chain mode yet. I’ll try it.

I still very much have this feature request though.


You can use it on one pattern outside of chain mode too, kind of like quantized mutes, they kick in on the next pattern play. Similar to holding function and muting…

And yes, +1 for pattern mutes request… :slight_smile: would be nice if they could be saved…


Mutes should be saved in scenes.