AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


I just want a select all unused function for the sample list so I can purge slots with sounds I ended up not using.


Simple one,
When holding a trig have the parameter pages show half bright led so you can know where to find the plocks…
Like Octatrack…


When in the menus it’d be nice if by pressing a parameter page button you jump immediately there instead of having to press exit once or more.

Right now you can press them and they change, but there’s nothing you can do with them since your still in a menu, I feel if you press one that’s where you want to go…

Edit: To add to this it also would be a bonus that if you were in the velocity or aftertouch mod pages, they would remain there after jumping out simply by pressing a parameter page button as above and retuning with function+sound.
This way we would have easy access to and from these important menus, pressing exit from them would be the same as it is now so the current functionality wouldn’t even be altered…


the ability to delete a non-empty folder in the +drive


re-sampling (like on MkII)


There has been this little buggy thing that didn’t bother me much before, but it suddenly became a major issue the other day. It’s the one where a sound won’t be audible, eventhough it’s channel is unmuted, scenes and performances neutral etc. You then have to go out of Mute mode and hit the pad in question a few times before it will sound again. Please, if possible, could this be ironed out in a future update? Eveything else is still roses


For the record this usually happens when you change between Mute/Scene/Perf pages whilst still holding a trig/pad, but yes it is annoying though.


Interesting, it’s like it latches the note hold like you never let go and prevents the new trigs from sounding maybe…:thinking:


You can use it to your advantage too by “latching” a Perf page pad.


Done that one, that’s a great trick! That’s why I figured a similar thing was happening…


I’ve experienced this too, and also the “note offs becoming note ons” bug. AFAIK they are both still unresolved by elektron, as the bugs are not 100% reproducible…


Some sort of machine creation software would be awesome.


You know what would be cool?
An option to pitch the samples depending on the tempo you have.
That way, any rhythmical components in the sample would stay on time.


Big metal handles to screw into the side holes.

Downloadable of course.


Saving scenes and performance in presets would be great


If they could implement three things then it might be able to be recreated in a more feasible way(as long as the ability is possible, I think is the important thing):
-voice slaving
-sample layering

From two separate voices- set the sample and the voice. Adjust the sounds individually. Resample each. From one voice layer your synth and sample samples.

Edit: not that I expect/anticipate this coming to fruition. I just like to speculate on possible logical solutions


Maybe was discussed before… I’d like to be able to toggle mutes using the trig buttons when record is OFF and in Perf or Scene pages, rather than trigger the instruments. When I’m performing I often stay in the Perf / Scene page, but I sometimes need to mute/unmute stuff as I switch scenes or release performances.


Overbridge support for iOS, would be great if i could use it as an audio/midi device with an ipad.


I would like to get new machines for the bt and toms with fm. And another way to get samples on the rytm. Drag n Drop via Overbridge or resampling or live recording the external input. Finally a beat repeat scatter mode for fills and breaks in Live Situation.


Yes, as you say, when in scene/performance mode the trig buttons trig the sound…but, after that, if your finger/s still on the button, the track will be muted as long as you stay pushing…I think so, i I don’t mistake…Could be an alternative, not needing to go and return pages…I do sometimes with some kicks or so…I push once where I want my last kick and keep the finger while playing on performances or scenes( with others fingers…:loopy: ), till I want again the kick sounding free…