AR Analog Rytm feature request thread


for the samples:

0 straight forward playing
1 straight forward loop

this is how it works at the moment but what about

0 straight forward one-shot
1 straight forward loop
2 straight backward one-shot
3 straight backward loop
4 ping-pong one-shot
5 ping-pong loop


I’d like to be able to change the time it takes for the delay time to change, it’s constant when you switch kits - sometimes i want it to slide instantly, sometunes really slow, but its always the same…


+1 definitely (and Strom makes it possible to play just one track - or several tracks - from another pattern saved in the app itself)


To elaborate on Drumunkey’s comment on the ability to chose the starting point of a sequence, one possible practical way would be to have, when in page mode, half-lit LED’s on all the trigs, and the starting one (that you could change) would be fully lit. This combined with erratic track lengths could give interesting results!

Similarly, it would be excellent to be able to select which trigs are going to play in a sequence, leaving the others unplayed (like active steps on Korg Volca Beats). For example, in page mode, you could have all the trigs initially half-lit, and just the ones you press would play, making their LED’s fully-lit to show exactly which ones are active. Of course, this raises questions with 64 trigs sequences, because you an only see 16 steps at the same time :-/


I think that Elektron’s solution for this kind of trick is buying an Octatrack :smiley:


The trig mutes act like warped active step on the volca fm fwiw. Guessing you’re looking for the og active step function, where inactive steps are entirely removed from the seq, thereby reducing the sequence lenght?


There are three options to accomplish this already
Disable the Machine for the sound
Make it an Impulse / Noise

If sample only sounds are not set up like this then just change them yourself and re-save


Yep, that’s what I meant.I had a lot of fun with that on the Volca Beats. You can achieve very complex and unorthodox breaks using this function.


Just listing ones I have asked about for the AR UX for info

1 ========================================

Faster Sound Browser : On the A4 you can also open the sound browser by double tapping the track … this is fantastic if you like to work quickly as you go

On the AR there is a very tricky finger twisting one handed & slow key-combo … Fn+(hold)Sound

Could we please have a mirror of the A4 experience by enabling the following …

Track + (Double Tap) Pad = Open Sound Browser Instantly

2 ========================================

Selected Track : Could there also be a menu option toggle to make the last tapped pad be the now selected track - this is vital if you want to tweak a kit by auditioning sounds together

Quick toggling can be achieved by mirroring your Quantize Live Rec [x] toggle UI element
Instead of Rec + (DblTap) Play , you use

Track + (DblTap) Function

and the Toggle shows which says ‘Selection follows Pad [x]’ (or similar) … or alternatively Track + (hold) Fn

3 ========================================

Fast Kit selection : This UI method is already implemented and is highly consistent

Kit selection needs to be much quicker - Kits are the main thing to swap quickly for a drum Machine, do as follows

Function + (Hold) Kit

this should go straight to the opened Kit selection page


This! The only hack I’ve found for this is to have 2 or 4 different fills spaced across 16 steps, and then using the function and arrow buttons to move the notes along so there are different variations when punched in, not very intuitive though.


Hey, is there anyone else thinking about a global trig probability? I just saw the Brian eno clip where he makes a simple beat but lets logic remove 20% of the hits. This could be very cool and surprise users with beats forming new patterns. I’m on mobile now, too slow to search the thread…

Users could choose which tracks would be affected. Or set a percentage per track. Like conditional trigs but less controlled. I know i’d like that!


yea I really don’t understand why they didn’t design it that way from the start.

basically just make the trig conditions parameter behave in the same way as all the other parameters on the trig page.

Have a value for the entire track, but also let it be lockable.
And of course realtime-recordable.


May be a Control ALL :wink:


For this, Strom = <3


You’ll definitely run into issues with memory, after a year I’ve maxed out +drive, having loads of variations of the same sound at different velocities is gonna fill it up pretty quickly!


Have wished for this since getting the Rytm 2 years ago! [quote=“Noisebuddy, post:260, topic:3107”]
haven’t read the whole thread but in song-mode add the scenes to the existing mutes…


Free upgrade of rytm’s tiny screen to the decent one digitakt uses.


Lol. Riiight.

Maybe they’ll do upgrades on the +screen :smiley:


If the sampler is upgraded to the Digitakt sampler, with the same ‘old’ screen, i will be more happy.


but just like dave sang in that old depeche mode song, Dream on. Dream on. :smile: